Who Visits Boston in January?


Phil shoveling snow

Couldn’t they plan a winter seminar in a place with warmer climate? I wondered why the North American Mission Board (NAMB) would plan a seminar in Boston in January, especially when they are based in Georgia and I live in New Orleans. Nevertheless, we boarded the plane (we got great rates flying from New Orleans to Boston in January) and off we went. Once we landed, we boarded a bus to pick up our rental car. I was excited about being in Boston for my first time; yet, Phil was not excited about driving with mountains of snow piled up on both sides of the road. I decided I better just keep quiet and let Phil navigate through the snow to our conference location. I had my hopes up for some clam chowder and Boston cream pie but decided I would be satisfied with McDonalds if necessary. (Due to over five feet of snow fall in New England, Phil also let go of the plans he made.) By the time we got close to our location, the snow was coming down hard and it felt like a blizzard. While we had to give up our personal dreams, we did not know that God had special plans to prepare us for our new journey of Ministry Partner Development.

                  First, I didn’t realize that the training was held on the homestead site of Luther Rice. Do you know who he is? Rice was a Christian father in the Baptist family with a vision for ministry partner development. He had

Replica of Luther Rice Home

a heart for missions and served in India. Upon his return to the states, he traveled extensively preaching the Good News and working towards forming a mission partnership program that would eventually become the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. We housed in an old smith shop and fire station renovated into dorms and next door stood a replica of the Rice home. Phil and I got to stay in the Rice home before returning to New Orleans … another unexpected blessing.

But this was just the beginning of blessings… I will post tomorrow three additional surprises. Do

Walking in snow to conference center

 you think I will get my clam chowder and Boston cream pie? Do you think Phil will get to drive through eight of the New England states as he planned?

How about your plans? Have you been disappointed only to find a blessing in disguise? I would love to hear about it.

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