Boston in January, Part 2


Jonathan Edwards Church in Northamption, MA

Please read Part 1 (below) to fully understand this blog… thanks! 

Have you looked forward to personal plans only to have them disrupted by unexpected events? That’s what happened to our visit to New England plans. Phil wanted to take a driving tour of eight new England states; plus a visit to New York city. I wanted to take in some of the early American history in Boston and eat some good food. Yet, with five feet of snow and more coming, it just wasn’t the right time to take a walk along Freedom Trail or go for a road trip!

 Nevertheless, a friend in Springfield welcomed us to come, visit, and stay with her. Jennifer Turney Wade, a friend from our days with Child Evangelism Fellowship® of Alabama and her husband, Bruce, provided warm hospitality. They even took us on a small tour in which we visited the church where Jonathan Edwards preached and led the 1733 revival that was instrumental in the Great Awakening of 1739-1740.  After our visit with the Wades, Phil managed to squeeze in one brief trip, before we boarded the airplane for New Orleans; we traveled to Plymouth Rock and viewed the location the Pilgrims landed in hopes for religious freedom.

Wow! What a journey of faith. Not only did we attend a conference that would train us for Ministry Partner Development, we walked on the grounds where some of our great leaders of faith walked before us. We left encouraged that we are not alone in the battle of faith. If Luther Rice, Jonathan Edwards, and the Pilgrims could step out in faith and make a difference, we can do it too!

BTW, I got my Clam Chowder and Boston cream pie at the airport at Legal Sea Food! Also, we didn’t drive through eight of the New England states as Phil hoped but we did go through seven. We will save his plans for New York City for another time… 

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