The Bible is a Treasure

Finger-plays are fun little poems to share with children. An example of a finger-play is the “This little piggy went to the market” finger-play parents teach children while pointing to a child’s toes. A favorite finger-play I use at our preschool Bible classes is the “The Bible Treasure” poem. CEF Press included this meaningful poem in their 2002 “Surfin’ God’s Word” VBS kit (another favorite of mine).

Here’s a pdf with “The Bible Treasure” take-home tokens for the children. I laminated these and put a magnet on the back for a small gift for the children.

Debbie Demonstrates the Bible Treasure poem

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Otto Comes to New Orleans

Otto is a puppet from Marietta, Texas. He is a puppet of Pastor Chas Carlisle of Oak Ridge Baptist Church. He brought Otto with his youth group last year to volunteer at Delacroix Hope Baptist Church Vacation Bible School (we coordinated). They loved us and we loved them. They planned another mission trip to help us this year. The pandemic changed everything, so we went to plan B. Chas, Otto, and sons, Charlie, and Caleb came. We are visiting several sites and bringing Vacation Bible School in a Bag!

Otto thinks he knows what the Fruit of the Spirit is…
Otto helps kids learn the Fruits of the Spirit
Otto Teaches the Fruit of the Spirit Song
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Fruit of the Spirit Take-Home VBS Fun

Join us each day for a brief overview of the Vacation Bible Fun for Days 1-4 with Otto and Mrs. Debbie. Thank you for joining us! Let us know your comments. Post pictures on our Facebook Page @ Be sure to subscribe to our website for new updates.

Fruit of the Spirit Song
Otto & Fruit of the Spirit and Craft Activity for Day 1
The Story of the Watermelon (Special thanks to CEFPress )
God’s Love and a Mobius or Infinity Circle: Day 2 Love
Otto Learns to be Patient (Zoom Class is at 1:30 pm CST not 1:00.
Signing Psalm 37:7, Day 3 and Patience
Otto learns to be gentle… Day 4 VBS Bag

To order lessons on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, you can purchase them at this website:

Download mini Fruit of the Spirit Cards here:

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Give NOLA Day 2020 Business Sponsors

We thank the Lord for these business sponsors and their generosity.

Give NOLA 2020 Business Sponsors

Bay Auto Glass & Upholstery (Daphne, AL)

Butch Cassidy’s Cafe (Mobile, AL)

Cooks Pest Control (Mobile, AL)

David Dutton, CPA, 251-340-7345 (Mobile, AL)

Liberty Roofing 251-342-4338 (Mobile, AL)

The Martin Center, Facial Plastic Surgery, Skin Care, Laser Center (Mobile, AL)

Tim Craft, New York Life Insurance, 601-273-0649 (Picayune, MS, Gulf Coast Region)

Zick and Associates, Accounting & Tax Services (Mobile, AL)

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Gospel Fuzzies New Song

Phil and I wrote this little poem for the graduating class of Gethsemane Lutheran Preschool and we discovered we could put it to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.”

Gospel Fuzzie’s New Song by Phil and Debbie Smith

Gospel Fuzzie Greeting Card: Download the lyrics and Gospel Fuzzie greeting card. (Special thanks to for the creative artwork we used to create the magnets.)

Gospel Fuzzie Magnet: Download a pdf with several Gospel Fuzzies you can use to created magnets or mini-cards for the children. (Special thanks to for the creative artwork we used to create the magnets.) Download some great Gospel Fuzzie Resources by Spell Out Loud by clicking here.

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Fruit of the Spirit Cards

The Fruit of the Spirit’s NOT a watermelon!!!!!

Just for you, download these Fruit of the Spirit Cards created by Wee Can Know for your children, children’s ministry, or personal enrichment.

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Are we in the last days?

Does COVID19 mark entrance of final days?

Lately, during this pandemic, a common and sensible question asked is, “Are we end the last days? Just as one needs to prepare for retirement or a rainy day, even of more importance, one must prepare for the coming of the Lord! We created this article on the end-times to help simplify the massive amount of information on the end-time.

Bible Visuals Series on Revelations

Bible Visuals offers great materials to teach the Book of Revelation to children! While supplies last, you can order the four volume CD with text and PowerPoint slides for just $2.00! I just ordered mine! Order here.

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Pilgrims Progress All-New Animation

Animated Pilgrim’s Progress from Revelation Media

Parents, teachers, don’t miss this limited time to view with your children this wonderfully animated version of Pilgrim’s Progress. Your kids will love this action-packed modern adaption of this Christian classic!

But wait… to help you and your child understand this Christian allegory, we’ve created a condensed viewing guide just for you. You can download it free here!

Here’s the limited-time link to watch this wonderful movie with your children: click here.

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Help Kids Understand the Armor of God

Put on the full armor of God

During our many years of teaching children, we had sessions on the teachings of the Armor of God. CEFPress produced great material over the years. Phil reflected on each part of the armor and its significance. He wanted to explain the armor in such a way, that we could eliminate the vagueness and abstractness (or incorrect teachings) of the various parts. Here is a great guide to give kids a clearer understanding of the armor of God.

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WCK Weekend Viewing Guide

Do you and your family have the stuck at home blues? We discovered a few great videos to help us grow in the Lord, rise above our circumstances, find encouragement and laugh.

Dr David Jeremiah reflects on end-time prophecy and corona virus

Do you need a good clean laugh? We love these two Christian Comedians …

Christian Comedian Mark Lowery gave us lots of laughs
Chonda Pierce is a great female Christian comedian
Rent this outstanding Christian Love Story at Redbox Now.

Note: I Still Believe was filmed in Debbie’s hometown, Mobile, AL. Also, one of the creators, Jon Erwin, was in Phil’s Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) team at CYIA training in Birmingham, AL several years ago!

Great modern adaption, purchase video, or host a viewing FREE at your church

Pilgrims Progress, an all-time Christian classic, is an allegory of the Christian life from unbelief, to salvation, to struggles, to entrance into heaven. Children and youth (adults too) need guidance to understand the different characters and concepts. We will insert a guide here soon. (If not inserted, send us an email and we will email you one.)

Here is a map as a visual aid for Pilgrim’s Progress
The Lamb: Overview of Bible for Children

The Lamb is a lovely overview of the Bible is story form for children. We recommend that families view together and limit to 5 minute viewings each day. Ask a couple of questions after each viewing.

Claire Crosby Sings
Dad & Daughter go viral during quarantine

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