Making the Church Service Meaningful for Kids

I couldn’t believe my eyes! My 23 year-old grandson posted a picture of his church notes for me to see on Facebook! Wow!

brians notes

You might wonder what’s so amazing about that? Well, you see… I didn’t get to spend much time with my grandson but when he visited, I wanted to make sure he went to church with me. I also wanted him to listen to the sermon and learn. In my desperation to make a meaningful impression, I would promise him a meal at McDonald’s if he would write down 10 notes from the pastor’s sermon. (When he was younger, he could draw a picture about the sermon; as he grew I adjusted the challenge to his age and ability. I also adjusted his reward to his interest.)

I am thrilled to see that my effort made an impression!

I notice that kids do not know what to do in a church service. Many times they are allowed to play, sit in the back of the church with friends, play on their phones, etc… This really defeats the purpose of church and the opportunity to mentor your children while they are still in your care. 

I challenge you to encourage your child or teen to participate in the church service. Purchase a spiral notebook and a pen or color pencils for your child . Think of a creative reward and make church a fun learning experience!

BTW: Be sure to model taking notes yourself!

How do you make church meaningful for your child? Comment below.

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Christmas Outreach Demonstration

Demonstration of CEF Press “God Keeps His Promises” by CEF child evangelist, Matthew Fuller. We FaceBook “Lived” this demonstration at the CEF Christmas party workshop in November. Matthew will teach this Christmas lesson 30 times in December!

CEF leaders and volunteers will teach this lesson worldwide multiple times! Please pray with us for God to you this Christmas outreach to impact boys and girls/moms and dads worldwide!

Matthew Fuller demonstrates “God Keeps His Promises”

Debbie demonstrates the memory verse for this year’s Christmas Across America Outreach, “God Keeps His Promises,” Luke 2:11 (ESV), using CEF’s effective method called IPEAR.

Debbie demonstrates Luke 2:11

CEF of Greater New Orleans director, Chris Jolissaint with husband, Don, demonstrate a simple tune to help children memorize Luke 2:11 (ESV).

Chris and Don Jolissaint demonstrate Luke 2:11

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Impart. Truth. Today.

This September for the Georgia Barnette campaign, Louisiana Baptist emphasized the theme: Impart. Truth. Today. Their material stressed the urgency of reaching the young generation today with God’s truth. They explained that the protestant church is losing youth. A 2017 Lifeway research survey indicated that 2/3’s of today’s youth are leaving the church and many are becoming a part of the ‘nones’ adults with no church affiliation (see

If that is true, and in most areas of our country I am sure it is true, the need is tremendous to Impart. Truth. Today. Of course at Wee Can Know, this is our daily passion… imparting truth to the next generation.

Phil Smith, imparting truth at an after-school Good News Club, Arabi, LA

Although it is vital to Impart Truth Today, the Lifeway study indicated that the situation may not be as dark as it appears. According to their study, many youth drop out for a period of time and do return. 34% said they continued to attend church during college years. Also, 71% of those who dropped out stated they did not plan on dropping out in High School (leaving was not intentional).

This study gives hope that Imparting Truth Today will bear fruit in the lives we touch!   

Will you commit to ‘imparting truth today’ to the next generation? We offer three ways to help you get involved: 1) Your financial gifts help us carry out our mission, go to donate tab. 2) Your prayers enable us to accomplish only what God can do! Go to prayer tab. 3) Your personal involvement helps Wee Can Know grow and reach children beyond our borders! Sign-up for our newsletter below to learn about opportunities to serve. We cannot lose when God is in it!

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How to Help a Doubting Child

Children Lead Worship Palm Sunday

“I am doubting God’s existence because I’ve prayed and He hasn’t answered.”

This is the comment a child made in Sunday School. As teachers, sometimes we say to children, God answers prayer. A child may perceive that God will answer all of his prayers with a ‘yes.’ When God doesn’t, the child can lose faith. To make this matter worse, the boy’s father doubts God’s existence and shares this with his son. So what was my response?

First, I asked him who is the boss, him or God. His answer was God and I explained that God is in control of the whole planet and all the billions of people who live on earth. He has to take our prayer into consideration of everyone around us and the outcome of each. I explained if we are praying it won’t rain for our birthday party and another person is praying for rain, God may need to send the rain. I also explained how rain helps our environment (living in New Orleans rain, floods, and hurricanes are a continual problem).

I also briefly explained God’s three answers to our prayers: yes, wait, and no. Just as our parents answer yes, wait, and no, so does God. I taught him the catchy CEFpress song, I Can Pray (tune, Oh Be Careful Little Eyes), that teaches this concept.

That afternoon, I wondered if the boy is asking God to help him be good (he is quite active and easily distracted). This is a common prayer request of children and active ones may feel hopeless. I believe this is the wait answer children need to understand. Many prayers take time and don’t happen overnight, some prayers only come with maturity. God can use our struggles to glorify His name too. However, we can keep praying and keep knocking until the answer comes, (Matthew 7: 7-11).

Did my explanation help the boy? After Sunday School, in our worship service, he asked prayer for his dad, requesting that his dad would believe too! Will I need to remind him of this again in the future? Probably, that’s the privilege of feeding God’s little lambs! Please pray for the boy and also that his parents will come to faith too.

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How to Teach Kids about Baptism

If your church is one that Baptizes by immersion; this is a very special symbol of the Christian life for your child. Many times, church leaders are so eager to baptize that they fail to explain the meaning and purpose adequately for a child to understand.

This video called Baptism Central is an excellent tool we highly recommend.

The purpose of Baptism by Immersion explained for kids.
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Guide for Jesus Super Hero Vacation Bible School

Delacroix Hope Vacation Bible School

Are you looking for fantastic ideas for a super Vacation Bible School. You will love the Jesus My Super Hero theme and the kids will too!

I am responsible for coordinating a Vacation Bible School for Delacroix Hope Baptist Church and since I have 40 years of lessons and materials, I just develop one from my resources… and to me honest… I always wonder what was I thinking!!!!!!

Since I’ve put all this together, perhaps you can benefit from my lesson plans too.

Here’s some our schedule, lesson plan, tips, and more. Let me know your ideas too!

Zephaniah 3:17 Tune: Crawdad Song
Motions for Zephaniah 3:17

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Protected: Gospel Fuzzie Song

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Protected: Jesus my Hero

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Wee Can Know Business Sponsors

We are grateful for these fine businesses sponsors of Wee Can Know:

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Giving is a Blessing

We sure had a lot of fun on Give NOLA Day, one day to give as one! What an awesome day to celebrate giving. With the generosity of 21 friends, we raised $1915 in one day!

This year, we included live videos of volunteers in our ministry to share what the ministry means to them.

Here is my friend, Candy, she shared right before catching a bus to Mobile, Al where God has a new adventure for her.

Candy Campagna shares a testimony before traveling to Mobile for a new adventure
Dennis shares his experience taking CEF’s Teaching Children Effectively Course
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