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What is the Whole Duty of Mankind?

The last chapter of Ecclesiastes, chapter 12, Solomon directs his thoughts toward the youth. Solomon has come to the end of his days and describes the decline of life figuratively and humorously in verses 1-7. As an old man, Solomon … Continue reading

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A Paw-Paw, Granddaughter, and Dove

I am not the grandparent in my story, but my grandparents were a huge part in my salvation. Neither of my parents actively followed Christ, but my grandparents taught me about Jesus at an early age and I would attend … Continue reading

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Grandma Seewer

Grandma Seewer lived with us occasionally. I have only good memories about her and some that have stood out in my mind over the years. One special memory is seeing her kneel beside her bed at night and silently say … Continue reading

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