Fruit of the Spirit Cards

The Fruit of the Spirit’s NOT a watermelon!!!!!

Just for you, download these Fruit of the Spirit Cards created by Wee Can Know for your children, children’s ministry, or personal enrichment.

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Are we in the last days?

Does COVID19 mark entrance of final days?

Lately, during this pandemic, a common and sensible question asked is, “Are we end the last days? Just as one needs to prepare for retirement or a rainy day, even of more importance, one must prepare for the coming of the Lord! We created this article on the end-times to help simplify the massive amount of information on the end-time.

Bible Visuals Series on Revelations

Bible Visuals offers great materials to teach the Book of Revelation to children! While supplies last, you can order the four volume CD with text and PowerPoint slides for just $2.00! I just ordered mine! Order here.

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Pilgrims Progress All-New Animation

Animated Pilgrim’s Progress from Revelation Media

Parents, teachers, don’t miss this limited time to view with your children this wonderfully animated version of Pilgrim’s Progress. Your kids will love this action-packed modern adaption of this Christian classic!

But wait… to help you and your child understand this Christian allegory, we’ve created a condensed viewing guide just for you. You can download it free here!

Here’s the limited-time link to watch this wonderful movie with your children: click here.

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Help Kids Understand the Armor of God

Put on the full armor of God

During our many years of teaching children, we had sessions on the teachings of the Armor of God. CEFPress produced great material over the years. Phil reflected on each part of the armor and its significance. He wanted to explain the armor in such a way, that we could eliminate the vagueness and abstractness (or incorrect teachings) of the various parts. Here is a great guide to give kids a clearer understanding of the armor of God.

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WCK Weekend Viewing Guide

Do you and your family have the stuck at home blues? We discovered a few great videos to help us grow in the Lord, rise above our circumstances, find encouragement and laugh.

Dr David Jeremiah reflects on end-time prophecy and corona virus

Do you need a good clean laugh? We love these two Christian Comedians …

Christian Comedian Mark Lowery gave us lots of laughs
Chonda Pierce is a great female Christian comedian
Rent this outstanding Christian Love Story at Redbox Now.

Note: I Still Believe was filmed in Debbie’s hometown, Mobile, AL. Also, one of the creators, Jon Erwin, was in Phil’s Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) team at CYIA training in Birmingham, AL several years ago!

Great modern adaption, purchase video, or host a viewing FREE at your church

Pilgrims Progress, an all-time Christian classic, is an allegory of the Christian life from unbelief, to salvation, to struggles, to entrance into heaven. Children and youth (adults too) need guidance to understand the different characters and concepts. We will insert a guide here soon. (If not inserted, send us an email and we will email you one.)

Here is a map as a visual aid for Pilgrim’s Progress
The Lamb: Overview of Bible for Children

The Lamb is a lovely overview of the Bible is story form for children. We recommend that families view together and limit to 5 minute viewings each day. Ask a couple of questions after each viewing.

Claire Crosby Sings
Dad & Daughter go viral during quarantine

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Our God Story

Mike Lindell or Mr. Pillow is a Christian recovered drug addict. He has a vision to launch a nationwide recovery network. He knows Christ is the answer for addictions. Through his relationship with Chuck Reich and Overcomer’s TV, he contacted us to share our “God Story” for his network and we gladly agreed. Check out our videos below. If you would like to purchase his book to support the Lindell Recovery Network, go here.

How to experience true joy and peace in your life
How God can help you in life’s circumstances
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Are you a Gentleman or Gentlewoman?

Paul mentions gentleness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Do you practice gentleness in your teaching or parenting? Debbie shares from Proverbs 15:4 and offers some helpful tips.

Debbie shares from Proverb 15:4

Free Fruit of the Spirit Cards

We created these Fruit of the Spirit cards to include with our throws in the Irish, Italian, Islenos parade in St Bernard Parish. Each year, this parade rolls in April and the throws include cabbage, potatoes, pineapples, onions, carrots, and more. We thought the Fruit of the Spirit cards would fit in just fine! You can download a free set here.

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Why Give on GiveNOLA Day?

GiveNOLA day provides exciting opportunities for Wee Can Know and donors to come together for one BIG day! This video sums it all up for you!

Debbie shares the many benefits of GiveNOLA Day

Benefit 1: Chance to win cash prizes

Benefit 2: Chance to make new donor / ministry friends

Benefit 3: Chance to promote Wee Can Know

Benefit 4: Thirty-four chances to win cash prizes from $500 to $7500

Benefit 5: Children will come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord, impacting lives, families, and communities for eternity

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Facebook Live Bible Club

We created these live Bible Clubs for the children during COVID-19 Quarantine. Please forgive short-comings. We do believe teachers and children will benefit from the demonstrations and lesson plans. May God use so children might know Him. May God use to help teacher “Feed His lambs” John 21:14.

Episode 7: Peter and God’s Agape Love.

Episode 7: Peter Learns of God’s Agape Love, Jeremiah 31:3, Jump Song

Episode 6: Peter Goes Fishing, John 21:1-14

John 21:1-4 & Memory Verse Jeremiah 29:11

Episode 5: Jesus Gives Peace, John 20:21

How can we have peace in difficult times?

Episode 4 is the classic Biblical account of Jesus final week, death, burial, and resurrection, using symbols on poster board eggs. You can also download resources for this lesson on our blog.

The final week of Christ using symbols on poster board eggs.

Episode 3 is the classic Palm Sunday Lesson with Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donky. We used CEF Press lesson visuals, taught the memory verse 1 John 4:14, and sang the Donut Man song, The Children Cried Hosanna, enjoy!

Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey, memory verse, 1 John 4:14, and Donut Man song, The Children Cried Hosanna!

Episode 2 is the Classic story of David & Goliath, once again, we used an out of publication visual created by Sam Butcher. This episode is in two parts, the music and memory verse (I’m in the Lords Army & 1 Corinthians 15:57). We pray your family will enjoy!

Part 1 of Episode 2, the classic Bible lesson of David & Goliath

God wins, Part 2, CEFPress visual (out of publication) created by Sam Butcher.

Episode 1: Naaman’s Miracle; Memory Verse John 20:21

We use a CEFPress out of publication visual created by Precious Moment’s Artist, Sam Butcher, to teach this classic Bible lesson. Hope you enjoy it!
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Easter Egg Drive-Thru Covid-19 Event

Special thanks to our son and wife, Michael and Susan Watkins, Delacroix Hope Baptist Church & members, and donors & friends of Wee Can Know for making this event possible.

Thanks to the Lord, who made this event become a reality in 3 days time! Reminding us that miracles still happen in 3 days time and the amazing miracle of Christ rising from the day on the 3rd day! “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15

What do the eggs mean for me?

Read about this in the Bible: Matthew 26:14-15 & 26-28; Matthew 21:9

Read about this in the Bible: Matthew 26:39, Mark 15:15; Matthew 27:29
Read about this in the Bible: Matthew 27: 31 & 35; John 19:34
Read about it in the Bible: Matthew 27: 59 & 66; Matthew 28:25

Download these Easter Eggs below for your own Easter Egg Event, you can cut them out and place in plastic eggs or just hide them around the house without the eggs! Either way, you will have fun looking for eggs and learning the true Easter Story.

These cards will help children realize that God is faithful and keeps His promises. This will help a child learn to trust God’s promises in his/her life (and parents too).

Child Evangelism Fellowship created some wonderful FREE resources for children and families to utilized during this “stuck at home” time.

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