The 10 Commandments: Quick and Easy

Here’s a wonderful way to help kids remember the 10 Commandments.

Debbie uses motions and visuals to make learning the 10 commandments easy
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Phil Sings the Gospel Fuzzie Song

Phil Leads the Gospel Fuzzie Song with preschool children
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Cadence for Psalm 119:72

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Why Bother? Family Devotional on Psalm 119:105

Family Devotional 2

Dear Family,

Last week we talked about the Shema and God’s message to “Listen-up!” Why is God’s Word so important? You can find 176 reasons why in the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119. All 176 verses of Psalm 119 emphasizes the value of reading, knowing, and meditating on God’s Word.

              Did you know? In the original Hebrew language, Psalm 119 was an acrostic poem divided in the 22 Hebrew consonants. So the first letter of verses 1-8 each began with ‘aleph, verses 9-16 began with beth… and so forth, making it easy for Hebrew children to memorize.  

              Phil challenges folks to memorize the entire Psalm 119 for a nice reward. Are you interested? So far, Phil has no takers. However, if anyone is interested, Michael, has a head-start, I taught him Psalm 119:105 when he was just four- years old.

              Psalm 119:105 is a favorite passage. When this passage was written, a lamp was very important to help one along paths in the evening. In biblical days, they had no street lights or electricity. The lamp helped folks on their journey one step at a time.

            That’s how God’s Word benefits our lives too. Whatever challenges or trials you are facing; God’s Word can light your path. Spending time in God’s Word each day and committing verses to memory, will give you a treasure of wisdom coming from the creator of the universe.

            For example, Phil is still dealing with serious pain seven weeks out from his back surgery. We would have fallen into depression, despair, or discouragement had it not been for the comfort and support of God’s Word plus family and friends praying for us.

            Tip: Teach Psalm 119:105 to your child, watch the above video to learn motions to help make learning fun.

            Challenge: Memorize Psalm 119:105 and Deuteronomy 6:4-7, begin storing the treasure of God’s Word in your heart.

You’ll love Amy Grant singing Psalm 119:105
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A Paring Knife and the Shema

Once, Ethan (our son), left us with a gift of FOUR cases of Forever Sharp paring knives. We used them as gifts for a very long time! Now, we only have two left. Do you need one? lol

The knives remind me of a passage in the Bible called the shema found in Deuteronomy 6:4-7. Shema is a Hebrew word meaning listen up. When you say, “Listen up,” to someone you are implying that what you are saying is important. God is saying, “Listen up,” to us. God wants us to know that hearing His Word is of great importance not for Him but for us. Also, He instructs us to diligently teach His Word to our children. As a mom, grandma, and great-grandma, I to want to testify to my kids of what a treasure God’s Word is for us all. I know we can all learn and grow together.

The knife reminds me of this passage because of the word, diligent in the passage (some translations use the word impress). Diligent is translated from a Hebrew Word that implies to sharpen, whet, or hone. The Forever Sharp knife never needs sharpening but we are not like the knife! We get dull (spiritually) doing life… working… watching videos…playing video games. We need to take time to sharpen our spiritual life through God’s Word and prayer.

How can we do that? Spend time each day reading God’s Word, memorizing Gods Word, and encouraging each other. We can share a verse of scripture, something we’ve learned at church, or even saw on a Christian YouTube video. All these efforts will help hone us or sharpen us and others (especially our love ones) in the world we live in.

Tip for children: With children, we teach verse 5 using motions for Lord (point up), heart (form heart a heart shape with your hands), strength (hold both arms up like flexing your muscles), Deuteronomy (hold palms together facing upward like an open book), 5:6, (hold up fingers for six and five). What a great verse for kids to memorize!

Challenge: If you haven’t already, download the YouVersion application. The app has great resources to help you explore and discover God’s Word. We LOVE the One Year Bible Reading plan and use it daily.

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Nika’s Testimony

Nika shares how the 1-Day Seminar benefitted her
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Thank you so much for your support for GiveNOLA 2021. Read our 2021 report here:

One special treat for GiveNOLA 2021 was the opppurtunity to participate in the CEF 2021 Internaitonal Conference. At the conference, we connected with Lyn Oerting (Longbeach, MS) and Gladys Burgos (Lima, Peru). Watch this brief video to hear one way GiveNOLA Day donations make a difference.

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2021 Resurrection Egg Drive-Thru

Listen carefully to hear the story of the Resurrection Eggs!
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The King’s Crown Easter Lesson

Here is a Easter Lesson from CEF Press Curriculum for your children to enjoy with two fun songs!

Lesson is taught by our TCE Level 1 Graduate and faithful volunteer, Damon Dupart, Sr.
Jesus is the King sang by our Zoom Good News Club Kids
Happy Easter Song sung by the Zoom Good News Club Kids and Phil Smith

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CEF Press The King’s Crown Easter Party Outreach

Here’s a great Easter resource from CEF Press you can use with your children, grandchildren, neighbors, Good News Club or church kids.

Damon Dupart, Sr, of Greater New Orleans demonstrated the lesson in 2017. We edited for use with children or volunteer training.

Damon teaches CEF Press lesson, The King’s Crown

Damon read the Memory Verse in the Lesson. Here is a visual you can use to help teach the verse to the children in your life. (CEF Press suggests having the children pass a pretend crown from child to child as they repeat the words of the Memory Verse, for interest, speed it up or slow it down, or use silly voices.)

This color-sheet goes with the lesson and includes the memory verse on it.

Contact your local CEF director to order the Kings Crown Evangelistic Party Kit or order directly from CEF Press here.

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