Who’s Your Super Hero?

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Jesus truly is the Super Hero – for real! Nothing make-believe or pretend about Jesus!!!!

If He is not already, He can be your Super Hero too! He came into the world from His lovely, perfect home, Heaven. He came to rescue you from the punishment of sin.

Do you know what sin is? Sin is choosing our own selfish way over God’s perfect and good way. Lying, stealing, cursing, fighting, even disobeying your parents… these are all examples of sin.

We are all born with this problem and the punishment is separation from God forever. That’s why He sent Jesus to rescue us from the punishment of sin.

Because Jesus is the Son of God and is sinless, He took your punishment for you by dying on a cross, they buried Him in a tomb (cave), and he rose again on Sunday morning!

He came back alive and now He lives in Heaven. Because He lives in Heaven we can pray to God and admit our sin. God promises that anyone who believes in Jesus as the Savior from the punishment of sin, God will save them! It’s a promise! God made this promise several times in His true book, the Bible (see Acts 16:31 and Romans 10:13). God never lies or breaks a promise. So you can know, if you believe in Jesus as your Savior from the punishment of sin, He is your Super Hero too! There is no one else in the entire universe that can save you from the punishment of sin!

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Scantity of Life

I know that Sanctity of Life Sunday has come and gone for 2019. However, the life of a little one is someone to cherish everyday. I am SO grateful that I knew the value of human life when I was a lady and the doctor offered me the option of an abortion. I get teary eyed just thinking how blessed Phil and I are to have our two sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandsons. The gift of life keeps giving!!!!

Here is a great sermon on the Sanctity of Life by Ray Pritchard.



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Christmas Idea #1

Who gets the most excited about Christmas? KIDS do!!!!

©Child Evangelism Fellowship

What a GREAT time to teach them the amazing TRUE story about God’s Son!

So… Here’s idea #1! Purchase the all new CEF Press Christmas Across America Kit: Joy to the World. Recruit some friends to help you (or volunteer with your local CEF Leader), decide on a location, date, and time. Invite the kids and parents too! Have a blast celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with the kids in your community!

If you live in the Greater New Orleans area, join us on Saturday, Dec 1, 10:00 – noon, @Edgewater Baptist Church, 5900 Paris Ave, New Orleans, 70122

To RSVP by Nov 28, leave a message below or contact me @ 504-400-4095.

Here is a flier to promote with your church or friends. Click here: CAA Flier 2018


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3 Great Fall Songs for Preschool Children

One of our fellow preschool teachers shared some great Fall ideas for preschool children on her website.

Here’s a link with three song suggestions and a creative poem! Check her ideas out!

Spiders and Pumpkins and Bats, Oh My! Preschool Chapel

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Children’s Ministry Teacher Training (CMT2) Schedule

What’s a CMT2 ?????

What topics do you cover at a Children’s Ministry Teacher Training Event?

  • Biblical Basis
  • Sharing the Gospel using the Wordless Book
  • How to Teach Effective and Power Packed Bible Lessons
  • How to Counsel a Child for Salvation
  • How to Teach Memory Verses
  • Live Demonstration
  • What is a Good News Club Anyway?

Here is our Schedule for August 25, 2018: CMT2 Schedule 2018

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Gladys Wanted to Help Kids with Her Translation Skills


Our friend and partner in ministry, Lyn Oerting, called us 2.5 years ago and asked if we could help a lady she met at the Global Maritime Center in New Orleans (Global Maritime is a ministry to seafarers and maritime workers in port in New Orleans).

Gladys Burgos worked on a Carnival Cruise line as a coordinator for the kids club. She was nearing retirement and expressed a desire to serve the Lord through her gifts of children’s work and Spanish translation.

Gladys assists at our neighborhood Good News Club to complete TCE Level 1 requirements.

Lyn knew that her talents would benefit Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) and contacted CEF of Latin America and learned there was interest but Gladys would need CEF training. The first step was to complete the TCE® Level 1® course. Lyn contacted us and we made arrangements with Gladys to provide the TCE training each time her cruise ship would dock in New Orleans!

Now, 2.5 years later, she is serving full-time for CEF of Latin America and this week (August 4) is instructing in her very first TCE Level 1 course for Latin America  that she actually helped translate!

Read Gladys brief and colorful newsletter by clicking here: Gladys Burgos Newsletter


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Prayer for Father’s Day

photo copyright Child Evangelism Fellowship, used by permission

I tell folks, I did a LOT of things wrong as a parent but one thing I got right was to pray for our children. God answered in amazing and surprising ways. I am always grateful to my heavenly father! I am also grateful to my earthly dad who realized faith was important and made sure we attended church and catechism each week.

Here is a prayer written my Gary Meyers, co-founder of Highlights magazine.

Parents Prayer _highlights

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Gospel Chicken Object Lesson

A member of our church created this toy. He painted the toy the Wordless Book Colors and it made a great object lesson for Easter. He sells his chickens for $25 plus shipping and I can ask him if he can take some orders! He had the little block on the bottom just a plain block of wood and the kids would ask me what about it. I got creative and painted eggs to help me tell the Easter Story.

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Parent’s Delight!

From our over 35 years of kids ministry; parents want their kids to know Jesus. Even parents that are struggling with their own faith support our work!

Listen to these two brief testimonies of  a parent and a grandparent’s reaction to WCK’s Gospel Shoe-box Parade:

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Christians Rescue DL from Horrible Situation

Your gift to Give NOLA can make all the difference in the world for a child. DL grew up in a family where she felt loved, her mother brought her to church and catechism classes. She learned to pray and discovered God truly did answer prayers! However, when she was nine, she noticed that God was a big secret. He was never mentioned at home, no one ever prayed or said a blessing at a table, even her neighbors acted as though God didn’t exist.

When DL was just 13, she began to take an interest in boys but they were bad influences that wanted to take advantage of her innocence. One of the boys stoled motorcycles for a  pawn shop owner. One evening, he came to her home and said he had to leave and go to New Orleans but he wouldn’t leave without her (the pawn shop owner feared the police were on his trail). DL naively packed a bag and ran off in the middle of the night. The owner of the pawn shop took DL (just 14 years old) and the boy (just 16 years old) across two state lines and dropped them off in New Orleans and they made their way to the boy’s older sister’s home. Fortunately, the young man’s brother-in-law bought them bus tickets and sent them home the next day.

DL’s father wanted to get a court order against the young man but it backed fired when DL refused to tell the judge where the boy took her (fearing he would go to jail for taking a minor across two state lines). The judge sentenced DL to a local detention home until she was willing to talk. What appeared to her parents as a horrible situation became one of the turning point in DL’s life.

In the detention home, Christians’ came regularly and shared the love of Jesus. They gave DL a Bible and demonstrated a love and faith in God that she wanted. DL read the New Testament bible cover to cover. She prayed and asked God for His help, she talked to her parole officer about her fears and confessed where the two had gone.

When DL got home, she bought her own Bible and a Bible for the family. She also insisted that the family pray at meals (the family still says blessings to this day). She would make a lot more mistakes but God would place other Christian’s in her life to give her hope and guidance. Christian’s reaching out with the love of Jesus and sharing His good news gave a troubled girl hope.

Have you guessed? DL is me, Deborah Lynn! God used my experience to call me into full-time children’s ministry. I know from personal experience that children are vulnerable and satan is looking for naïve children he can destroy. I was one of those kids! Caring Christian’s rescued me from a horrible situation. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if Christians had not made the effort to come and share His Word. What will happen to this generation if we don’t go and share His good news?

Your gift will make a HUGE difference in the life of a child. Please give to WCK on May 1 for Give NOLA Day. You can set up your gift on-line now for May 1 or give through midnight on May 1. Click here to give a gift of $10 or more. Thank you so much!

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