Are you a Gentleman or Gentlewoman?

Paul mentions gentleness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Do you practice gentleness in your teaching or parenting? Debbie shares from Proverbs 15:4 and offers some helpful tips.

Debbie shares from Proverb 15:4

Free Fruit of the Spirit Cards

We created these Fruit of the Spirit cards to include with our throws in the Irish, Italian, Islenos parade in St Bernard Parish. Each year, this parade rolls in April and the throws include cabbage, potatoes, pineapples, onions, carrots, and more. We thought the Fruit of the Spirit cards would fit in just fine! You can download a free set here.

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Why Give on GiveNOLA Day?

GiveNOLA day provides exciting opportunities for Wee Can Know and donors to come together for one BIG day! This video sums it all up for you!

Debbie shares the many benefits of GiveNOLA Day

Benefit 1: Chance to win cash prizes

Benefit 2: Chance to make new donor / ministry friends

Benefit 3: Chance to promote Wee Can Know

Benefit 4: Thirty-four chances to win cash prizes from $500 to $7500

Benefit 5: Children will come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord, impacting lives, families, and communities for eternity

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Facebook Live Bible Club

We created these live Bible Clubs for the children during COVID-19 Quarantine. Please forgive short-comings. We do believe teachers and children will benefit from the demonstrations and lesson plans. May God use so children might know Him. May God use to help teacher “Feed His lambs” John 21:14.

Episode 7: Peter and God’s Agape Love.

Episode 7: Peter Learns of God’s Agape Love, Jeremiah 31:3, Jump Song

Episode 6: Peter Goes Fishing, John 21:1-14

John 21:1-4 & Memory Verse Jeremiah 29:11

Episode 5: Jesus Gives Peace, John 20:21

How can we have peace in difficult times?

Episode 4 is the classic Biblical account of Jesus final week, death, burial, and resurrection, using symbols on poster board eggs. You can also download resources for this lesson on our blog.

The final week of Christ using symbols on poster board eggs.

Episode 3 is the classic Palm Sunday Lesson with Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donky. We used CEF Press lesson visuals, taught the memory verse 1 John 4:14, and sang the Donut Man song, The Children Cried Hosanna, enjoy!

Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey, memory verse, 1 John 4:14, and Donut Man song, The Children Cried Hosanna!

Episode 2 is the Classic story of David & Goliath, once again, we used an out of publication visual created by Sam Butcher. This episode is in two parts, the music and memory verse (I’m in the Lords Army & 1 Corinthians 15:57). We pray your family will enjoy!

Part 1 of Episode 2, the classic Bible lesson of David & Goliath

God wins, Part 2, CEFPress visual (out of publication) created by Sam Butcher.

Episode 1: Naaman’s Miracle; Memory Verse John 20:21

We use a CEFPress out of publication visual created by Precious Moment’s Artist, Sam Butcher, to teach this classic Bible lesson. Hope you enjoy it!
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Easter Egg Drive-Thru Covid-19 Event

Special thanks to our son and wife, Michael and Susan Watkins, Delacroix Hope Baptist Church & members, and donors & friends of Wee Can Know for making this event possible.

Thanks to the Lord, who made this event become a reality in 3 days time! Reminding us that miracles still happen in 3 days time and the amazing miracle of Christ rising from the day on the 3rd day! “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15

What do the eggs mean for me?

Read about this in the Bible: Matthew 26:14-15 & 26-28; Matthew 21:9

Read about this in the Bible: Matthew 26:39, Mark 15:15; Matthew 27:29
Read about this in the Bible: Matthew 27: 31 & 35; John 19:34
Read about it in the Bible: Matthew 27: 59 & 66; Matthew 28:25

Download these Easter Eggs below for your own Easter Egg Event, you can cut them out and place in plastic eggs or just hide them around the house without the eggs! Either way, you will have fun looking for eggs and learning the true Easter Story.

These cards will help children realize that God is faithful and keeps His promises. This will help a child learn to trust God’s promises in his/her life (and parents too).

Child Evangelism Fellowship created some wonderful FREE resources for children and families to utilized during this “stuck at home” time.

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3 Reasons to Teach Kids God’s Attributes with Free Mini-Flashcards

Attribute Cards: Attribute on front with definitions and scripture reference on back

Books of the Bible, The Great Commission, Two Greatest Commandments, Parables, Miracle’s of Jesus, Lord’s Prayer, Plan of Salvation… these are foundation lessons for kids to know about the Christian faith. We highly recommend you include teachings on God’s attributes. Here’s three reasons why:

  1. So kids can know God and not just “about” God. When Phil and I dated, we took a couple course and we had an assignment with a questionnaire to see how well we knew our partner. Phil and I failed the test drastically! Actually, it’s taken the last 29 years of marriage to get to know each other. So many people think they know God without spending anytime reading His Word, worshiping with other believers, or focus time in prayer. Teaching and modeling the attributes will help reveal God’s character to children while they are very young and shield them from false concepts about God. Hopefully, by knowing God, it will foster a desire to improve ones relationship with Him.
  2. As kids (and parents) start learning and applying God’s attributes to life situations their faith will grow. Phil’s parents separated and eventually divorced when Phil was five years old. He would go to bed at night crying, “Why me?” When he learned Romans 8:28 in scripture and that God is faithful, he learned to rely on God in more situations. Now he can see that God never abandoned him. God used his parents divorce in childhood to prepare him to counsel children and soldiers with testimony of God’s faithfulness when other’s consequences affect them.
  3. As a child’s faith in God grows, they will experience joy, peace, security, and contentment. This happens when they continue to apply more and more of His attributes and correctly interpreted promises to every situation. Where does anxiety and worry come from? Our fears and doubts. We believe we must work out a situation on our own or we doubt God’s ability to help us. If a child understands God’s loving-kindness, they will feel His care for them and allow Him to guide them. If a child learns that God is sovereign they will understand that he is in control and “has their back.” As you reflect on the various attributes, think about what your child will learn about God. Look for opportunities in life to demonstrate or illustrate those attributes.
  4. One bonus benefit: Your faith will grow, too, as you practice applying God’s attributes before your child. If you know God is gracious, you should desire to demonstrate God’s grace to your child. Like I said, I am still learning about Phil after twenty-nine years of marriage. Knowing God’s attributes and (with God’s help) applying them in our marriage has added the “wow” to our love for each other and for God. We can all learn together!

The cards are business card size. We used the “Royal Brite” Business Cards for #8371, 5371 template. You can print them on perforated business cards or you can use the file with the lines and print on card-stock and cut. Print cards front and back (flip on long edge). We carefully used a notebook hole punch on five at a time for the holes to keep on a ring.

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Preschool Facebook Live Chapel Service

Due to Gethsemane Lutheran Preschool’s unexpected closure due to COVID-19, we offered to provide a Facebook Live Chapel service at the time we normally meet. To our surprise, the preschoolers loved it and some children watched several times. Our last count, the video had 167 views. Perhaps you know a preschool child who would enjoying the video too.

Episode 1: Preschool Favorite Songs from CEF Press Little Kids Can Know God CD & John 20:21

These two songs are preschool favorites and they love singing them with Mr. Phil, enjoy. They are from the CEFpress CD Little Kids Can Know God, our go-to preschool music. This CD helps you teach Christian theology on a preschool level!

Episode 2 A: Songs: CEFPress music God Made the Mountains & God Made Me

Episode 2 B, Bible-man reviews John 20:21 and children learn a tune for John 20:21

Episode 2 B: Bible-man helps children learn John 20:21 and Smiths teach a tune for the scripture too. Enjoy!

Episode 2 C is the Gospel Fuzzies Singing their own songs, Goldie sings, Heaven is a Happy Place; Sinful Saul and Scarlett sing Nothing but the Blood of Jesus; Clean Clyde sings Come Into My Heart, and Timothy sings Read Your Bible and Pray Everyday.

Episode 2 C: The Gospel Fuzzies sing their solos

Episode 3: This is our Palm Sunday Lesson, one of our favorites to teach. We used the visuals from the CEF Press, Little Kids Can Know God through the Savior, Enjoy!

Episode 3: A favorite lesson to teach, Hosanna to the King!

Episode 4: We used the Gospel Chickens, a handcraft made by our dear friends, Boogie and Lena Melerine, to teach the Biblical Easter Story. Learn two great songs, Jesus is Alive and Well and the Trinity Song from the CEFPress Little Kids Can Know God CD.

Episode 4: Meet the Gospel Chickens, we use this object lesson at Easter, enjoy!

Episode 5 we introduce Quackers, we made these silly puppets from towels when we attended Children’s Ministry Institute years ago, they were both suppose to be lions but Phil’s looked more like a duck and mine like a bird but I turned mine into Bibleman. The kids like to laugh at him. Here they sing a classic preschool song, O Be Careful Little Hands, The CD is CEF Press music (out of publication) Growing Songs 2, the songbook is still available, click here for songbook.

Episode 5: Bible-man & Quackers sing, “O Be Careful Little Eyes”

Episode 6: Our final preschool chapel for 2019/2020 during the quarantine. So did we improve over time? Here the Children of the Word make their appearance and help us sing Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World, enjoy!

Episode 6: CEF Press Little Kids Can Know God song, I Believe the Bible, how to teach Hebrews 13: 5 & 6, Meet the Children of the World and learn a Swahili Song & Spanish Song!
Clean Clara Sings Her Song!

I created this video for a simple tool for counseling a child for salvation. Since preschool children are so literal, I changed the words “into my heart” to “into my life” and emphasized that it’s God’s Holy Spirit that comes into our lives. Some preschool children will think they have a literal Jesus in their heart, if we use the word “heart”.

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12 Bible Bible Games Kids LOVE!!!!

Phil demonstrates Zonk Game at an Easter Workshop @ Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church

Do you have problems with kids constantly wanting to play when you are trying to teach them God’s Word???? Well, playing is a part of God’s design of children. Take advantage of this characteristic by using these FUN games help kids learn and help you keep your sanity!!!!

The first attachment is for 1 great Bible Lesson Review Game. This works great with kids 8 and up.

For younger children: Remove ZONK cards and allow them to draw points only, limit to one draw each turn. Add a free turn card and double points card in the set. Let them work together as one group instead of teams. Put fun stickers or clip art on the cards. They can work together as a group to see how many points they can accumulate. You could set a goal and if they reach the goal they earn a small prize (sticker, piece of candy, high five, free time).

Make scripture memory fun with these 11 great game ideas. I’ve also included some crazy stand-up game cards.

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Making the Church Service Meaningful for Kids

I couldn’t believe my eyes! My 23 year-old grandson posted a picture of his church notes for me to see on Facebook! Wow!

brians notes

You might wonder what’s so amazing about that? Well, you see… I didn’t get to spend much time with my grandson but when he visited, I wanted to make sure he went to church with me. I also wanted him to listen to the sermon and learn. In my desperation to make a meaningful impression, I would promise him a meal at McDonald’s if he would write down 10 notes from the pastor’s sermon. (When he was younger, he could draw a picture about the sermon; as he grew I adjusted the challenge to his age and ability. I also adjusted his reward to his interest.)

I am thrilled to see that my effort made an impression!

I notice that kids do not know what to do in a church service. Many times they are allowed to play, sit in the back of the church with friends, play on their phones, etc… This really defeats the purpose of church and the opportunity to mentor your children while they are still in your care. 

I challenge you to encourage your child or teen to participate in the church service. Purchase a spiral notebook and a pen or color pencils for your child . Think of a creative reward and make church a fun learning experience!

BTW: Be sure to model taking notes yourself!

How do you make church meaningful for your child? Comment below.

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Christmas Outreach Demonstration

Demonstration of CEF Press “God Keeps His Promises” by CEF child evangelist, Matthew Fuller. We FaceBook “Lived” this demonstration at the CEF Christmas party workshop in November. Matthew will teach this Christmas lesson 30 times in December!

CEF leaders and volunteers will teach this lesson worldwide multiple times! Please pray with us for God to you this Christmas outreach to impact boys and girls/moms and dads worldwide!

Matthew Fuller demonstrates “God Keeps His Promises”

Debbie demonstrates the memory verse for this year’s Christmas Across America Outreach, “God Keeps His Promises,” Luke 2:11 (ESV), using CEF’s effective method called IPEAR.

Debbie demonstrates Luke 2:11

CEF of Greater New Orleans director, Chris Jolissaint with husband, Don, demonstrate a simple tune to help children memorize Luke 2:11 (ESV).

Chris and Don Jolissaint demonstrate Luke 2:11

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Impart. Truth. Today.

This September for the Georgia Barnette campaign, Louisiana Baptist emphasized the theme: Impart. Truth. Today. Their material stressed the urgency of reaching the young generation today with God’s truth. They explained that the protestant church is losing youth. A 2017 Lifeway research survey indicated that 2/3’s of today’s youth are leaving the church and many are becoming a part of the ‘nones’ adults with no church affiliation (see

If that is true, and in most areas of our country I am sure it is true, the need is tremendous to Impart. Truth. Today. Of course at Wee Can Know, this is our daily passion… imparting truth to the next generation.

Phil Smith, imparting truth at an after-school Good News Club, Arabi, LA

Although it is vital to Impart Truth Today, the Lifeway study indicated that the situation may not be as dark as it appears. According to their study, many youth drop out for a period of time and do return. 34% said they continued to attend church during college years. Also, 71% of those who dropped out stated they did not plan on dropping out in High School (leaving was not intentional).

This study gives hope that Imparting Truth Today will bear fruit in the lives we touch!   

Will you commit to ‘imparting truth today’ to the next generation? We offer three ways to help you get involved: 1) Your financial gifts help us carry out our mission, go to donate tab. 2) Your prayers enable us to accomplish only what God can do! Go to prayer tab. 3) Your personal involvement helps Wee Can Know grow and reach children beyond our borders! Sign-up for our newsletter below to learn about opportunities to serve. We cannot lose when God is in it!

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