12 Bible Bible Games Kids LOVE!!!!

Phil demonstrates Zonk Game at an Easter Workshop @ Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church

Do you have problems with kids constantly wanting to play when you are trying to teach them God’s Word???? Well, playing is a part of God’s design of children. Take advantage of this characteristic by using these FUN games help kids learn and help you keep your sanity!!!!

The first attachment is for 1 great Bible Lesson Review Game. This works great with kids 8 and up.

For younger children: Remove ZONK cards and allow them to draw points only, limit to one draw each turn. Add a free turn card and double points card in the set. Let them work together as one group instead of teams. Put fun stickers or clip art on the cards. They can work together as a group to see how many points they can accumulate. You could set a goal and if they reach the goal they earn a small prize (sticker, piece of candy, high five, free time).

Make scripture memory fun with these 11 great game ideas. I’ve also included some crazy stand-up game cards.

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