Making the Church Service Meaningful for Kids

I couldn’t believe my eyes! My 23 year-old grandson posted a picture of his church notes for me to see on Facebook! Wow!

brians notes

You might wonder what’s so amazing about that? Well, you see… I didn’t get to spend much time with my grandson but when he visited, I wanted to make sure he went to church with me. I also wanted him to listen to the sermon and learn. In my desperation to make a meaningful impression, I would promise him a meal at McDonald’s if he would write down 10 notes from the pastor’s sermon. (When he was younger, he could draw a picture about the sermon; as he grew I adjusted the challenge to his age and ability. I also adjusted his reward to his interest.)

I am thrilled to see that my effort made an impression!

I notice that kids do not know what to do in a church service. Many times they are allowed to play, sit in the back of the church with friends, play on their phones, etc… This really defeats the purpose of church and the opportunity to mentor your children while they are still in your care. 

I challenge you to encourage your child or teen to participate in the church service. Purchase a spiral notebook and a pen or color pencils for your child . Think of a creative reward and make church a fun learning experience!

BTW: Be sure to model taking notes yourself!

How do you make church meaningful for your child? Comment below.

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