Free Candy Cane Poem for You

Using the candy cane to share the Christmas Story has become a tradition for me. I use a gigantic candy cane (it amazes the children) to teach the story and then I give children two packets (one for them and one to share). The packets include a card with the candy cane poem and a large Brach-brand peppermint candy cane.

I wanted a card with kid-friendly print that I could print 4 to a page. Also, I tweaked the poem a bit so that un-churched children would understand the meaning. You will still need to explain Savior, Christ, and staff. Make sure to tell the children how to receive Jesus as their Good Shepherd and Savior! If you don’t know how to explain the Gospel to a child, contact me, I will make sure I post a blog or record a video to help you!

Download a PDF file with 4 to a page here:  Candy Cane Gift Cards

Candy Cane Poem


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