Who is Granny Holdeman?

This summer we taught children in 5-Day Clubs the mission story from CEF Press about Ti-Fam. A story about a little girl who lived in Haiti, her father was a Voo-Doo witch doctor. I think Ti-Fam was a fictitious character but the missionaries who helped her actually lived.

Granny Holdeman retired as a nurse in Florida and joined her missionary daughter and son-in-law, the Turnbulls, to serve in Haiti as a missionary nurse. Her motto was, “Don’t retire, refire, because Jesus said, ‘occupy until I come.'” Evidently she liked to make peanut brittle because I found a postcard with her photo and recipe. I am sure she used the delicious vanilla that Haiti offers. Granny Holdeman served the mountain people of Haiti until her death in 1979.

Click here to view a picture of Granny Holdeman and a copy of her peanut butter recipe handwritten by her!


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