How to Make a Wordless Bag

I love to use the Wordless Bag for open-air evangelism (witnessing opportunities on the streets, in neighborhoods, block parties, Mardi Gras, or Fair). It’s a fun little tool that keeps the children’s attention. It’s one bag but as you tell the story of the Wordless Book Colors, you keep turning the bag inside out and it turns inside out 4x, ending with the green color! It’s a lot of fun to use with kids and adults!

Phil likes to call it the “Wonder Bag” because you will “Wonder” how it works!

The Wordless Bag is 5 bags in 1 with the 5 Wordless Book Colors

The Wordless Bag is 5 bags in 1 with the 5 Wordless Book Colors

A friend of mine, Melody Smith, has made them for mission teams and she shared her pattern with me! Please include tips and comments on your experience with making the Wordless Bag.

Instructions for making a Wordless Bag

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