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Photo (c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

Photo (c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

Kids surprise me with their knowledge and understanding of God. What a blessing to hear their response to the Gospel message or a particular Bible lesson I am teaching. Last week, kids made these comments:

At a Good News Club I commented that Christmas is Christ Birthday. One boy exclaimed, “Christmas is Jesus Birthday! Then why do we get all the gifts?” He didn’t know I would teach a CEF Press lesson called”Whose Birthday is it?” His comment gave a perfect link to introduce the lesson!

Another child expressed surprise when I taught about God the Father and God the Son. This child said, “You mean there’s more than one God?” This gave a perfect opportunity to briefly explain the trinity.

Finally, another boy asked about the meaning of the Holy Ghost. I do not use the term Ghost with the children but he heard the term somewhere. This gave the opportunity to teach about the Holy Spirit!

As you can see, little ones ask big theological questions. Unfortunately, out of a large community only a handful of children attend the Good News Club. Who will answer the questions the children ask about God? Will you pray that God will open doors and provide volunteers to teach the children about Him. Are you willing to go? If God calls you to go, we will gladly provide training to help you!

Do you teach kids? Share comments you’ve recently heard below:


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