Three Reasons We Love Day Care Ministry

Day Care children stand eagerly ready to learn!

Day Care children stand eagerly ready to learn!

Our day care ministry all began when we called on Day Cares and offered Child Evangelism Fellowship’s 5-Day Club program for their after-school care. The staff at day cares expressed a need for a program for the little ones. We began to adapt the 5-Day Club for preschoolers. We found many new doors open as a result of our willingness to adapt. We also discovered that we love day care ministry!

Here are three reasons why we highly recommend day care ministry:

First, paid day care staff remain in the classroom with the children and help maintain classroom discipline. Volunteers can focus on teaching the lesson and know that the teacher will provide needed support for classroom behavior.

Second, you will not lack children. Day Cares offer classrooms full of children! In fact, when we go to various day cares, all the teachers want us to visit their classroom. We can teach in four classrooms in a two-hour time frame. Starting with the babies and working our way up to the threes and fours.

Also, we can keep the lesson plan simple and use repetition. Teaching preschoolers does not demand loads of effort and study-time; plus, they love repetition. We can prepare one lesson, change it up a bit, and use the same lesson several weeks in roll.

What do you think? If you want to learn more about how you can get involved, leave a comment below. Also, if you can think of another reason you would recommend day care ministry, let us know

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