We won….

(c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

(c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

Thank you so much for your love and support in the recent voting challenge. Unfortunately, we did not win the $1,000 but I do not consider us losers at all! We won your love, prayers, and support. You cared enough for the little ones to take time to vote. Thank you so much.

Perhaps for now, I will only ask that you lift us in prayer. Our God is so mighty; He knows our needs and promises to supply them!

A Disappointment… 

To my surprise, the organizations that made the top ten all related to animal rights and rescue. Not one organization supported child welfare or Christian non-profits. I know we love our pets and animals and they do need our help; however, what about the children? What about the kingdom of God? We see a shift in the world’s priorities. This demonstrates the greater importance of our cause for the little ones to know Jesus.

A Winning Alternative…

If you did care enough for Wee Can Know to vote, there is one way that you can support us every time you search or shop on-line; just register on GoodSearch.com; every time you search, they donate a penny to Wee Can Know! I’ve already raised $60 by bookmarking GoodSearch.com and using it instead of Google or other search engines (you need to make sure you logged-in and selected Wee Can Know as a charity). Click here to learn more about GoodSearch.com

A Win-Win Solution!

Most importantly, we value your prayers for Wee Can Know. Pray now that God will provide for Wee Can Know so we can reach the little ones for Jesus. Ask God if He wants you to join our financial support team and how …monthly, quarterly, annually, or one-time. Pray that God will use Wee Can Know to reach the lives of millions of boys and girls for His kingdom.


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Thank you for visiting WeeCanKnow.com we want to provide you with tools, resources, and inspiration for children's ministry. Please give us comments and feedback to let us know how we can better our site. Help us get the word out by liking, sharing, and pinning our blogs. We exist because: "It is not the will of our Father in heaven that one of these little ones should perish" Matthew 18:14.
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