Three Lessons from God

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Have you ever had plans fail and live to thank God they did? This is where God first began to teach us a lesson. Last year we purchased Christmas cards in the shape of a house to use this Christmas (you know… those great after-Christmas sales), we didn’t know at the time that we would soon be in out of our tiny dorm apartment. In our search for a home, we experienced several disappointing moments. All of the time, God was getting a place ready for us that would meet our every need! We almost settled for much less. Each day we praise God for our new home. We learned that God’s ways are higher than our ways!

Next, that’s the exact lesson we are teaching the children this Christmas through Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Christmas Party Outreach. When God promised to send His son, people did not expect a humble birth. They thought the Messiah would come as a king…God’s ways are higher than our ways!

Finally, God taught us this lesson again when by faith, we ordered ten Christmas party kits and prayed folks would host parties. We led three workshops and to our surprise, we sold twelve kits! As the lesson emphasizes, God’s ways are “awesome, extreme!” We praise God for the Christmas Party Outreaches that will happen throughout greater New Orleans (NOLA)! We praise God for you, we think you are awesome! You are extremely important in enabling us to train teachers and reach the children with the Good News of Christ throughout the year!


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