Plan a Snow Fest for your Children

Snowboarding? Howcan New Orleans (NOLA) children relate to snowboarding? When I learned that Child Evangelism’s Fellowship Christmas Party Kit was a snowboarding story, I was disappointed but I had little choice, it was the only kit available for 2011. However, after looking over the material, the Lord inspired me with several ideas to bring the snow to NOLA!

Here are some ideas to bring a Snow Fest to your children:

First, order The Extreme Christmas Gift Party Kit from CEF Press at this link. At $10.99 it’s a bargain. Although the emphasis is Christmas, this lesson can be adapted for after Christmas too.

Next, plan to decorate using giant snowflakes. You can learn to make beautiful snowflakes with paper and scissors on this YouTube video, click here. (They are really easy to make!)

Snowy Snacks:  I recommend beignets (that’s a French donut loaded with powder sugar). All you need is inexpensive canned biscuits. Cut each biscuit in half and fry in hot oil (I use an electric skillet). When they float to the top, flip over and fry until golden brown. Remove from hot oil with a spatula and put in a bag filled with powder sugar. Shake well to cover donuts in powdered sugar. Serve with additional powdered sugar.

Drinks:  I served melted snow (7-up with crushed ice). If you have access to a sno-cone machine, serve sno-cones! (In New Orleans we call them sno-balls.)

Take-Home Treat: A great take-home treat is what I call “Dirty Snow” (our NOLA kids are familiar with “Dirty Rice”). Take large white marshmallows and dip one end in melted semi-sweet chocolate then roll in crushed graham crackers (it’s like a mini s’more). Place on wax paper to cool. Place several in a snack-size zip lock bag. (A super easy alternative is “Yummy-Snow” a mixture of large and small white marshmallow and M&M’s in a snack-size zip-lock bag).

Grand Finale: For the grand finale, end with a snowball fight! Take used Wal-Mart plastic bags, let the children ball them up tight in a ball. Before handing out the bags, explain that they will make snowballs by wadding up the bags in a tight ball, no throwing balls until you blow a whistle. When they hear the second whistle blow, it’s time to stop the fight and clean up the snow balls!

If you would like additional helps to enhance the CEF Press The Extreme Christmas Gift Party Kit, I’ve created a skit, game-ideas, lesson outline, and visuals. You may download the additional helps from me for a small donation of $5.00. Just contact me at phil.debbie@weecanknow.

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