He is God in Amite, LA

I couldn’t believe it! When we arrived to teach a full day seminar at Little Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Amite, LA, we discovered we left our projector, extension cord, and speakers at home. What could we do? The drive to New Orleans was over an hour. Phil jumped in the car and headed back to New Orleans but he didn’t need to drive far. Rev. Frank Davis found a church member that met our every need…including the notes that the Jolissaints left in New Orleans!

Satan appeared to be at work (or human weakness) but God moved mightily through your prayers. After the conference was all over, one student, Caryn Martin, shared this testimony:

“As Bertha Price taught regarding teaching children truths about God, I wrote in my notes the name of one of my favorite children’s song, “He is God” by Jana Alayra. I also shared with my friends sitting near me how I love Alayra’s music,” Caryn shared.

“Later in the afternoon”, Caryn continued, “Phil taught on teaching through music. When he handed out the Good News Club schedule, I was amazed, a suggested song on the schedule was ‘He is God.’ However, I wasn’t sure if it was Alayra’s song. Then, when you played one of Alayra’s songs, I gasped in surprise!” Caryn concluded, “God used that song and the events that day to confirm His will for me to teach the Bible club for the CHESS homeschool students.”

Students participate at Amite Seminar, Ora Smith (frt); (Back lft to rgt) Lori Smith, Rachel Filla, Don Jolissaint, Caryn Martin


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