Does Wee Can Know Make a Difference?

Wynton Teaches Kids

Often I will look at the little children’s faces that I teach in Greater New Orleans and wonder if we really make a difference in their lives. Many of the children have a parent in prison or they’ve lost a love one to street violence. Can God’s Word give them hope?

“They shot my cousin eleven times and killed him Monday when he was barbecuing in his yard… His little children saw it,” A child lamented as I drove her home one night. She went on to talk about what her cousin meant to her family but also how God helped her get through the sorrow. That night I thanked God that I made the extra effort to pick her up and bring her to church. As I listened to this girl and her siblings discuss the challenges they faced, I could see how they learned how to apply godly wisdom to their realities.

Does Wee Can Know make a difference? God reminds me over and over again that His Word can transform the darkness and more than anything, these children need the power of God’s Word in their lives.

On May 3rd you can help us make a difference, Wee Can Know is participating in GiveNOLA Day – the Greater New Orleans online giving event hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Support us by going online and clicking here.


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