Jayce’s Remarkable Response

Jayce prays for courage before baptism

Jayce prays for courage before baptism


Dr. Dennis Cole, Jayce’s grandpa, baptizes Jayce

In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish. Matthew 18:14

Everyone at church shared excitement over Dr. Cole’s grandson Jayce’s recent baptism! I enjoy teaching Jayce and his sister, Mollie, at Gentilly Baptist Church. Jayce’s mother, Beth, said they regularly talk about sin and the need for Jesus in their home; this led to Jayce’s decision to trust Christ as his Savior from the punishment of sin. Jayce wanted to demonstrate his faith in Christ by believer’s baptism but he had a problem, his fear of water. Nevertheless, he found strength through praying to God, and his grandpa had the honor of baptizing him.

Following his baptism, we talked about his decision on Wednesday night. He expressed to the children that baptism did not save him but it showed others that Jesus cleansed him from sin when he trusted Christ to save him. One little girl commented that she wanted to get baptized but she feared the water. Jayce shared with confidence that she could pray to God and He would take her fear away. After the discussion, I went on to teach the lesson and a surprising response happened during the challenge.

I challenged the children to follow God’s way and let God be the boss of their life. I explained how choosing our own way can cause many problems. I confessed how I chose my own way as a youth and the problems it caused me. Miss Kim spoke with regret of her past, “Me too.”

…When I teach, I’m not always sure what response I will receive from the children—if any! Tonight the response surprised me, I heard Jayce’s voice, he spoke with sincerity and heartfelt remorse, “Me too.” To my amazement, a young child sincerely understood the consequences of sin and testified to the class the sorrow of his sinful past. Beth says that Jayce admits, “I ask God to help me behave but sometimes I just do bad things. I still have a lot of sin.”

Have you experienced forgiveness of sins through Christ? No matter your age, Christ has the power to save you from the punishment of sin; He can remove the burden of guilt, guide you through the consequences, and give you victory over temptation. When you mess up, He will forgive you and strengthen you. Instead of a painful pass you can experience a bright future!

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