Three Lessons Kids Taught Me Last Week

The Holy Spirit can illumine a child's mind

The Holy Spirit can illumine a child’s mind
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“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.” Ephesians 1:7

I’m always learning from the kids at the Good News Club! Last week we had several new kids. They asked questions like, “Are you going to teach us a Bible story? Are and “Are going to sing songs?”

One garrulous girl (I’ll call Christy) shared her view about Christian songs and the Bible. She obviously didn’t think much! I offered to demonstrate my favorite song. The children gathered around, fascinated with the bright visualized song and catchy music. However, Christy strongly objected.

Soon, my faithful volunteers, Brenda Davis and Lucilla Montegue-Hewitt arrived and began to mingle with the kids. Once settled, I opened the program with prayer, as I prayed Christy continued to voice her negative opinions (I silently prayed for her attitude to change and Lucilla gave her the ‘teacher eye.’)

As Lucilla taught the above memory verse, Christy suddenly showed interest by asking questions. Then when I taught the lesson, “Joseph Forgives His Brothers,” Christy and the class continued to engage positively. With limited time, I quickly moved through the story leaving little time to apply the lesson to the lives of the children.

When I concluded the story, Christy’s response amazed me, she said, “I get it, God has forgiven us, just like Joseph forgave his brothers.” She was able to connect the teaching of the Bible verse with the message of the lesson with little explanation from me.

This just didn’t happen once but as I taught the lesson on Sunday morning to a different group of children, the same response happened again!

So what did I learn? First, I learned that as teachers, God goes before us preparing the hearts of the children. Also, the Holy Spirit can illumine the child’s mind to understand spiritual truths, and finally God will move in a rebellious child’s heart and bring them to salvation.

I wonder what lessons I will learn this week! Have you recently learned from kids? Share in the comment section below.

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