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(c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

(c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

The Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNF) planned a fun day for the community to come together and support their favorite non-profits and for the non-profits to win a chance for cash prizes.

They planned several ways that we can win:

Here is what they share on their website: 

Rock-Around-the-Clock Prizes

Each hour an organization receives a donation of $10 or more, they earn a chance to win $1,000 during that particular hour within the 24 hour period (12:00:01 am- 11:59:59 pm, May 3, 2016). Organizations can receive only one, randomly chosen $1,000 hourly Rock Around the Clock.

Throw Me Something Mister Hour

Organizations can also only win one $3,000 prize earned by the nonprofit receiving the most unique donations in three specific time periods (6-7 am; 2-3 pm; 10-11 pm).  GNF divided Throw Me Something Mister Hours into small and large organizations; Rock Around the Clock are not. Wee Can Know recommend that our unique donations during this period be money amounts with all the same number (i.e. $11.11, $12.12, $13.13…)

Additional Prizes

All organization will still be eligible for other types of prizes, such as 1st ($10,000), 2nd ($5,000), 3rd ($3,000), 4th($1,000) and 5th ($500) place winners for most dollars raised.

Lagniappe Fund

Greater New Orleans Foundation’s goal this year is to raise at least $250,000 in local, proportional “lagniappe” dollars. At the end of the event, every agency will receive a proportional share of this fund based upon its percentage of the total dollars raised. The equation to calculate lagniappe dollars is:
Amount we raise ÷ Amount raised by ALL on May 3 =Our lagniappe fund percentage

See why we are SO excited! What a fun day for everyone involved and what a blessing for non-profits to have such a wonderful opportunity to join with other organizations to celebrate giving and community!

BTW: We receive 93% of our donation, plus the lagniappe fund, so at the end to the day, we should receive 100% of each donation and if we win a prize more that 100%!

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