How to Teach Kids Acts 20:35

widow mite

The widow’s mite

With the Give NOLA Day emphasis for Wee Can Know, I wanted to help kids learn the importance of giving. As I shared about giving I illustrated that if each child in the class donates $1, we could raise $10. Six-year old Ja-nae eagerly shared, “If we each give $10, we can raise $100. I can give $10!” Jayce agreed, “I can give $10 too!” These children already know the meaning of Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Do you want to teach Acts 20:35 to your children? Let me share a few ideas I used:

1. Put Acts 20:35 to the tune of “Mary had a Little Lamb.”

It is more blessed to give

Blessed to give, (repeat)

It is more blessed to give

Than to receive.

I used signs to emphasis certain words.

Blessed:  I used the sign language for blessed with arms and hands extended up high with palms facing down, bring arms down, like  blessings come down from heaven.

Give: Hold hands at waist and extend arms and hands out, opening hands with palms up.

Receive: Extend arms and hands out at waist, with palms open up, curl fingers up and bring arms back to your waist.

2. Let the children role play the story of the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-44). You can actually purchase 10 sample bronze mites here . Jada wanted to express what the rich person might say and what the widow might say when they gave. For the rich she boasted, “I am so rich, I know I please God because I can give so much.” For the widow she said, “I am so thankful to God, I want to give to show my love to him my giving my all.”

3. I gave the children an actual experience of  giving by allowing children to choose a sticker and choose another child to give it too, they loved it!

4. I created this little memory verse visual for them to mount on construction paper and decorate. To download click here .

5. Most importantly, I reminded the children that God gave the most when He gave us His son to take the punishment for our sins. I divided the children into 2 groups, I chose a secretary for each group and they wrote down items the other children at their table suggested of things God gives to us. At the end of the activity each table listed 10 items and I read what each table listed. To my surprise they listed abstract items like hope, love, and help. Then they also included Bible, family, food, and church.

Share your ideas in the comment block below and have fun! 



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