Easter Egg Drive-Thru Covid-19 Event

Special thanks to our son and wife, Michael and Susan Watkins, Delacroix Hope Baptist Church & members, and donors & friends of Wee Can Know for making this event possible.

Thanks to the Lord, who made this event become a reality in 3 days time! Reminding us that miracles still happen in 3 days time and the amazing miracle of Christ rising from the day on the 3rd day! “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15

What do the eggs mean for me?

Read about this in the Bible: Matthew 26:14-15 & 26-28; Matthew 21:9

Read about this in the Bible: Matthew 26:39, Mark 15:15; Matthew 27:29
Read about this in the Bible: Matthew 27: 31 & 35; John 19:34
Read about it in the Bible: Matthew 27: 59 & 66; Matthew 28:25

Download these Easter Eggs below for your own Easter Egg Event, you can cut them out and place in plastic eggs or just hide them around the house without the eggs! Either way, you will have fun looking for eggs and learning the true Easter Story.

These cards will help children realize that God is faithful and keeps His promises. This will help a child learn to trust God’s promises in his/her life (and parents too).

Child Evangelism Fellowship created some wonderful FREE resources for children and families to utilized during this “stuck at home” time.

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