3 Reasons to Teach Kids God’s Attributes with Free Mini-Flashcards

: Attribute on front with definitions and scripture reference on back

Books of the Bible, The Great Commission, Two Greatest Commandments, Parables, Miracle’s of Jesus, Lord’s Prayer, Plan of Salvation… these are foundation lessons for kids to know about the Christian faith. We highly recommend you include teachings on God’s attributes. Here’s three reasons why:

  1. So kids can know God and not just “about” God. When Phil and I dated, we took a couple course and we had an assignment with a questionnaire to see how well we knew our partner. Phil and I failed the test drastically! Actually, it’s taken the last 29 years of marriage to get to know each other. So many people think they know God without spending anytime reading His Word, worshiping with other believers, or focus time in prayer. Teaching and modeling the attributes will help reveal God’s character to children while they are very young and shield them from false concepts about God. Hopefully, by knowing God, it will foster a desire to improve ones relationship with Him.
  2. As kids (and parents) start learning and applying God’s attributes to life situations their faith will grow. Phil’s parents separated and eventually divorced when Phil was five years old. He would go to bed at night crying, “Why me?” When he learned Romans 8:28 in scripture and that God is faithful, he learned to rely on God in more situations. Now he can see that God never abandoned him. God used his parents divorce in childhood to prepare him to counsel children and soldiers with testimony of God’s faithfulness when other’s consequences affect them.
  3. As a child’s faith in God grows, they will experience joy, peace, security, and contentment. This happens when they continue to apply more and more of His attributes and correctly interpreted promises to every situation. Where does anxiety and worry come from? Our fears and doubts. We believe we must work out a situation on our own or we doubt God’s ability to help us. If a child understands God’s loving-kindness, they will feel His care for them and allow Him to guide them. If a child learns that God is sovereign they will understand that he is in control and “has their back.” As you reflect on the various attributes, think about what your child will learn about God. Look for opportunities in life to demonstrate or illustrate those attributes.
  4. One bonus benefit: Your faith will grow, too, as you practice applying God’s attributes before your child. If you know God is gracious, you should desire to demonstrate God’s grace to your child. Like I said, I am still learning about Phil after twenty-nine years of marriage. Knowing God’s attributes and (with God’s help) applying them in our marriage has added the “wow” to our love for each other and for God. We can all learn together!

The cards are business card size. We used the “Royal Brite” Business Cards for #8371, 5371 template. You can print them on perforated business cards or you can use the file with the lines and print on card-stock and cut. Print cards front and back (flip on long edge). We carefully used a notebook hole punch on five at a time for the holes to keep on a ring.

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