Let’s take God’s Good News to Mardi Gras in New Orleans!


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In New Orleans, Mardi Gras is all about the beads. Folks cannot  get enough of them! What better time to distribute Gospel that represent the message of salvation to children and parents! If you are not familiar with the Gospel bracelet, you can see a brief presentation by Debbie at this link:  The Story of the Beads

We need your help for Mardi Gras Day  (Fat Tuesday)

There are several ways for you to join in on the fun:

  1. Prayer Warriors (Click here for Prayer Request: Mardi Gras Prayer Request )
  2. Financial Donors
  3. Prepare Packets
  4. Assist with Continental Breakfast and Sandwich Lunch
  5. Balloon Ministry
  6. Gospel Packet Distribution
  7. Adult Ministry

Click here for an information pdf flier: Mardi Gras Outreach Info

Please Email me for a Site and Parking Map! 

Training for Outreach

We offer two opportunities for Balloon Ministry and Gospel Bracelet Presentation Training: Thursday night, January 22; and Saturday morning, January 31

For more details click this link below:

Mardi Gras Outreach Evangelism & Balloon Mini Workshop

Don & Chris Jolissaint leaders in Child Evangelsim Fellowship work on balloons

Don & Chris Jolissaint leaders in Child Evangelism Fellowship work on balloons

Here is a little history about our Mardi Gras Ministry and highlights of Mardi Gras Outreach 2012: 

Since 2007, Phil and I step out in faith to witness to families on Mardi Gras days. We always feel a little anxious of the unknown but God encourages us to trust Him. Each year He shows us His love for the crowds!

First family to hear Gospel in 2007!

First family to hear Gospel in 2007!

In 2007, we found at spot on St Charles and General Pershings. We still remember the families and their creative costumes; i.e, the caveman family, the pirate family, and the little princesses. The highlight was the  little girl who prayed to receive Christ. Later on, she brought a friend to hear the story and her friend prayed to receive Christ too!

In 2008, we would meet the little girl again and she told us how she wore the Gospel Bracelet all through the Lent season. We gave her another bracelet and a Wonder Devotional Book.

In 2009, we planned to move to a different location; yet, met several roadblocks and  set up once again at St Charles and General Pershings. That evening we learned that the location we planned to minister at had a mass shooting (7 individuals wounded), we thanked the Lord for His divine protection.

2010 challenged Debbie with Phil serving in Iraq.  I thanked the Lord for faithful friends who came to serve: Laura Riley, Lisa Memolo, Bill Halladay, Sang Nguyen, Rhett Riley, and Marilyn Stewart.

In 2011, I prayed about God’s will for continuing the Mardi Gras ministry. The Lord confirmed His heart for the ministry when I ran my first half-marathon. As I ran the course up St Charles toward the French Quarter, I felt the need to rest, as I paused, I looked up and realized I was at our  location for Mardi Gras Outreach! The Lord confirmed, yes, Debbie, the families that gather here are important to me! With little time to prepare, we plunged into Mardi Gras Outreach 2011!

2012 was an amazing year with the best weather yet! Families gathered early and to our surprise, we handed out 200 Gospel packets by 8 a.m.! We actually ran out of packets and Phil rushed home to grab more!

2013 gave us many opportunities to engage with families along the parade route. I am thankful my friend, Kim Black, Chris Jolissaint, Laura & Jennings Riley, the Townsend family, New Orleans Baptist Seminary Students, and Damon Dupart.

2014 went to history as the rainiest Mardi Gras in 20 years! Only the brave hit the streets this year and most left before the first parade ever hit the streets. Our faithful team showed up and we distributed 300 packets before packing up and going home. We thank the Lord for: Gerald & Kim Black, Kris & Nika Beville (with Joseph), Don & Chris Jolissaint, Sarah Nogueras, and Chad Smith. We also attended the New Orleans Baptist Seminary Preschool Mardi Gras Parade and distributed packets to parents and family members. Special thanks to Laura & Jennings Riley, Jessie Richard, and Kris Beville.

About Debbie

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