The Amazing Wordless Book


Gospel Fuzzies tell the story of the Wordless Book through puppetry and music

Gospel Fuzzies tell the story of the Wordless Book through puppetry and music

Roger and Eleanor Harwood first introduced me to the Wordless Book in 1978. I believe this little book of colors might be the world’s most popular evangelistic tool! My husband and I use this little book to share the Gospel with children near and far, ages 1 to 100 (well, I know I’ve shared with adults in their 80’s)!

We offer several useful tools to assist you in learning how to share the Gospel with the Wordless Book and tools to use with children and adults. Check out the links below:

Pinterest Board with loads of resources.

Wordless Book Chart

Wordless Book Dialogue

Gospel Worm

Wordless Book Training Worksheet (answers to blanks are in tiny print at bottom of training sheet pages.)

Free On-Line Training from Child Evangelism Fellowship

Do you know of a great resource for the Wordless Book? Let me know and I will include it on my Pinterst page in the future! Also, share a testimony of how God used you to lead someone to Christ using the Wordless Book. I might share it in a future blog- or let you share it yourself!


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