Demonstration of Counseling a Child for Salvation

Trusting Christ as Savior is a life-changing experience for children or adults. Many times a person makes this decision with little guidance. This can cause discouragement, lack of faith, and hardship.

As believers, we need to make every effort to help children and adults understand their decision, the way of salvation, and God’s promises of salvation. When I first surrendered to Christ, I couldn’t understand why Jesus had to die for my sins. I still thought good deeds was the way of salvation, if someone properly counseled me I could have understood. 

We appreciate Child Evangelism Fellowship and the excellent training they provide to help children know Christ. Here is a demonstration of a counseling situation using CEF’s recommended method of thought-provoking questions.

You can download a free guide here: 

Debbie and Candy role-play a teacher/child counseling for salvation session

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