Thanksgiving Song

This is a fun little song set to the tune of I’ve been Working on the Railroad. It was suggested in a Child Evangelism Fellowship Thanksgiving lesson, I just can’t remember which one!

You can purchase CEFPress’s Thanksgiving lesson for 2021 by clicking here.

Here’s the Thanksgiving song:

Here are additional verses that go a long with I’ve Been Working on the Railroad song.

Praise Him in the morn,

Praise Him at noon,

Praise Him when the sun goes down!

Praise Him in the morn,

Praise Him at noon,

Praise Him all day long!

Note: This next verse to the tune of Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah

Someone’s in the church praying,

Someone’s in the church I know – ooo- ooo!

Someone’s in the church praying,

And playing the pi-an- o!!!!


Hal- le- lu- jah, Hallelujah, Hall-le-lu-u-u- jah

Someone’s in the church pray-ing,

Playing the pi-an-an-o!

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