Who’s Your Super Hero?

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Jesus truly is the Super Hero – for real! Nothing make-believe or pretend about Jesus!!!!

If He is not already, He can be your Super Hero too! He came into the world from His lovely, perfect home, Heaven. He came to rescue you from the punishment of sin.

Do you know what sin is? Sin is choosing our own selfish way over God’s perfect and good way. Lying, stealing, cursing, fighting, even disobeying your parents… these are all examples of sin.

We are all born with this problem and the punishment is separation from God forever. That’s why He sent Jesus to rescue us from the punishment of sin.

Because Jesus is the Son of God and is sinless, He took your punishment for you by dying on a cross, they buried Him in a tomb (cave), and he rose again on Sunday morning!

He came back alive and now He lives in Heaven. Because He lives in Heaven we can pray to God and admit our sin. God promises that anyone who believes in Jesus as the Savior from the punishment of sin, God will save them! It’s a promise! God made this promise several times in His true book, the Bible (see Acts 16:31 and Romans 10:13). God never lies or breaks a promise. So you can know, if you believe in Jesus as your Savior from the punishment of sin, He is your Super Hero too! There is no one else in the entire universe that can save you from the punishment of sin!

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