Shawn’s Salvation

On the Wednesday before Easter Shawn exclaimed once again, “I don’t get it, why did Jesus have to die? Why couldn’t I die?” This time, as Kim and I explained why Christ died, Shawn grasped the truth. He expressed, “Oh, I get it! Can I pray right now?” What an exciting moment for everyone!

For four years now, Shawn faithfully attends Gentilly Baptist Church. I enjoy teaching him on Wednesday nights. On this particular Wednesday, he announced that he just celebrated his eighth birthday. Shawn always shows an interest in the Bible; however, whenever I taught about the cross he didn’t understand. This Wednesday night began with a challenge, Jessie (name change) chose to defy our authority. Miss Kim assured the class that Jessie’s mother would not tolerate her disrespectful behavior.

Each time Jessie distracted the class, I would focus the children’s attention back to the lesson on Christ’ death. This is when Shawn interrupted wondering why he (Shawn) could not take his own punishment for his sins. I referred Shawn to Jessie’s misbehavior. I illustrated that I could take her punishment and she would be free. At that moment, Shawn understood the purpose of the cross! He immediately asked if he could pray. We explained that he now had two birthdays! He celebrated his physical birthday on Monday evening and on Wednesday evening he was born into God’s forever family! What a precious moment!

Ken Taylor baptizes Shawn at Gentilly Baptist Church

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