Do you like pumpkins?

Pumpkin Tract

Do you like pumpkins? I know I do and even if folks don’t like to eat them, they make great decorations!

Well, Let the Little Children Come created the neatest little pumpkin evangelistic tool for you to use at your Fall Festivals, Fall Parties, or Good News Clubs! I know kids love them because the boys across the street went crazy over mine when they saw it sitting on the counter!

The one boy suggested I can give them out as prizes at our next Good News Club. When kids open the little pumpkin up and that is what kids will do, they will see the Gospel message printed simply and in bright attractive colors.

I asked the boys what type of candy I should put inside the pumpkin for a treat? They thought for a minute and decided on Jolly Ranchers! In my work with children, I know they do love Jolly Ranchers. Most kids choose the hard candy even over chocolate! (As far as candy corn or candy pumpkins, some kids like them but a lot don’t.)

Here’s where you can order your pumpkin tracts: click here.

Pumpkin Tract Opened


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