Frustration Free Family Communication

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Has the pandemic stretched your patience with your children or spouse? Have you experienced more than one frustrating family break-down? In our ministry and life we’ve learned three family-savers (besides prayer) that can benefit your family too.

  1. Respectful communication. Everyone appreciates respect and can respond positively. Just changing the way you ask for help or communicate your feelings can go a long way. Just express your need by prefacing your desire with, “I need your help, can you please help me by… ” My mother never failed to get my help wrapping packages by saying, “Debbie, you wrap packages so well, can you please help me by wrapping these packages?” How could I resist saying no; plus, I wrapped with pride. (Looking back, I do not think I wrapped any better than anyone else, lol.)
  2. Play a game and laugh together. Having teenagers, I realized I wasn’t smiling and laughing enough. Just playing a game of Jinga would help break the ice and make a family memory. Reading jokes from a clean or silly joke book for kids also helped engage our teenagers.
  3. Sing a song. Have a favorite song sharing time. I love to search a song on YouTube. As a parent, I can share an “oldie but a goodie” and your child can share one of their favorites too. Speaking of songs, CEF has a YouTube channel, UniteKids, with several great Christian music videos created with kids in mind. This is one of the easiest ways to install Christian principles into your child in an enjoyable and memorable format. They will sing the songs and watch the videos over and over!

Phil always quotes, “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.” This pandemic is a lemon and sometimes we may feel like our spouse or our child is a lemon and they may feel like you are a lemon too!!!! With God’s help, and a change in communication, you can start making lemonade and sweet music together.

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