The Gospel shoebox floats ride again!

April 15 the Gospel shoe-box floats rode IN the actual Irish, Italian, Islenos Parade in St Bernard parish. This is the community we live in and we took great pleasure to participate in this family friendly fun parade.

Without my right hand man’s assistance (due to military duty), I was super grateful Joe and Patti McDonald and Don and Chris Jolissaint assisted me! We faced a challenge assembling the parade without Phil’s expertise but Joe, Patti, and Fletcher Campagna came to my rescue! I am especially thankful for Joe’s supply of duck tape and cable ties! His duck tape came in handy for a home-coming queen sitting on a convertible too (the wind was blowing her gown up like a balloon, duck tape to the rescue!)

The parade had a few mishaps! As we waited to get into our place in the parade, a flying potato landed on our Jesus is King float breaking it up a bit but nothing too hard for duck tape! (Yes, they throw potatoes, cabbage, pineapples, noodles, lemons and much more in this parade!) Debbie crashed into one of the wagons upsetting the platform at the start too Patti fell down (probably slipped on a banana peel, yes, the road got squishy with smashed fruits and vegetables) and then at the end one of our wagons tipped over!

We had no idea how many supplies we would need for our first actual parade. As it turns out, we distributed over 3,000 Christian resources!

Here’s a grandmother’s testimony:

Here’s a few photos of our fun day:


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