Hope for Haiti

When Phil learned he would go to Haiti, he contacted the Child Evangelism Fellowship National Director of Haiti, Adline Liberal Caméus, to see about children’s resources available. She responded saying his email put a smile on her face. Phil told her that we planned to bring 1,000 Gospel bracelets.

Adline told this story “Every time we teach children for the first time, we teach the Wordless Book. At a recent school ministry, counseled 16 children for salvation, of which four of them are Witchdoctor’s children and others from voodoo worshipers.  We gave the children Gospel bracelets donated by a women’s group from the U.S. The excited Principal was telling me this morning that since our visit, they gather the children every Friday for prayer. She is asking me for teacher training, for the teachers also attended the program and thought it was good and they want training through CEF.

The amazing part about it is that one of the children who received the bracelet, after she went home that day, the evil spirits that her mom serves “said” that their servant has done wrong to them, that she had betrayed them by sending the girl in a school in which they were not there! The spirits said the child came home with a bracelet that was giving them trouble, they cannot stay in the house since that day, and that they require that mom burn the bracelet. (The little girl did not let mom but even though the bracelet is torn up, the spirits still cannot get in the house when the girl is home. We know it is not the bracelet, but the Holy Spirit in the life of the child.) What a mighty God we serve!”

Adline concluded saying, “You may not realize how powerful these tools are, but us Haitian, living in Haiti and being on the mission field, facing spiritual warfare, we know that God is using them to make a difference in the life of many.”

Pray for the 3,000 Gospel tracts and 1,000 Gospel bracelets, that Phil brought to Haiti. Pray God will use them mightily for many to come to salvation. Give: We need donations to cover our expense of the material ($400) plus, our additional summer ministries (snacks, prizes, gas). Thank you for your generous gifts.

Peru children show their Gospel Bracelets- from Peru 2010


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