Summer Fun Days Music

Here are the songs we are using for our Vacation Bible School at Delacroix Hope Baptist Church 2021.

Theme Song:

The Building Song

This is our Memory Verse Song:

Memory Verse Song

Here is our Gospel Song

Jump Gospel Song by CEF Press

How to Dig for Buried Treasure Song

Three Questions Song by CEF Press

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man in English and Spanish

Mrs. Debbie and Señorita Gladys Sing The Wise Man and the Foolish Man Song

The lyrics for Psalm 1: Note a few errors, I should of said “wicked” instead of “foolish.” Also, I mispronounced “chaff,” I said “shaff,” lol. One other error, at the end I should of said, “build your “LIFE” on the Lord, instead of “house.” Maybe I can get the kids at VBS to sing this and I will create a video with them singing the song!

Here is the lyrics for Psalm 1

Here is the Cadence for Psalm 119:72. I hope to get a video of the children reciting the verse with the cadence… they are a LOT cuter than me, lol.

Simple way to memorize Psalm 119:72, Why is God’s law better than gold or silver?

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