Christmas Song Favorites

Each Christmas we enjoy these simple favorite songs that teach the Christmas message with a simple tune.

First, John 20:21 Song. We like to teach about missions during Christmas. We will use a penny as an object lesson and tell children that a missionary is like a penny, they are “one sent.” They trust in God, “In God we Trust.” They teach people how to have “liberty” from sin. John 20:21 is a great scripture verse to reinforce these truths.

Fun Review Song for John 20:21

Phil’s favorite Christmas lesson is CEF Press‘s, Evangelistic Christmas Party Kit, “Whose Birthday is it?” The story about a boy who has a dream of his birthday party where everyone exchanged gifts but they don’t give him one. This is the song set to the tune of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”

“Whose Birthday is it? Song”

Another song that compliments the “Whose Birthday is it?” lesson is “What Can I Give Him?” Song. This is a poem set to the tune of “Away in the Manger.”

Finally, we enjoy using these three songs when teaching preschoolers at Christmas. The “J-E-S-U-S” song set to the tune of “B-I-N-G-O;” the “Mary has a Little One” Song, set to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb.” We also included a fun game suggestion.

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