The Gospel Parade


Hello! Listen to the Story of the Beads and the Gospel Bead Song!

Here is a song that goes with the Gospel Bead Bracelet:

Learn the Gospel Bead Bracelet Song

Now Listen to the Story of the Beads by Mrs. Debbie

What is your favorite color? Comment below.

Here is the Gospel Fuzzie Song that goes with the Gospel Bracelet too!

The Gospel Parade Book: You can download Patti’s book great children’s story, The Gospel Parade, for under $10 here.

Free Download Gospel Bead Song Handout:

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Super Seminar this Saturday

Join us Saturday, August 19, for CEF’s Super Seminar.

Outstanding Topics from 9 am – 3 pm.

We will broadcast live on Wee Can Know’s Facebook Page.

Here’s the schedule:

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Always a Student

Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts; And see if there be any hurtful way in me, and lead me in the everlasting way. Psalm 139: 23-24

Sunday, after children’s church, I felt defeated. Even Though there were only five children, the class didn’t go as I planned. Whenever I have an issue or incident when teaching my class, I always reflect upon it. What did I do wrong, how can I manage it better next time? Some people view the children as the problem. However, in most cases, there’s things the teacher or parent can do to better manage the problem in the future. 

I examine if the incident was poor planning, issues in the environment, unmet needs in the children, or other circumstances? Sunday, the challenge was because of poor planning on my part. I was not prepared for an active 5-year old who came to class, and also, another new 5- year old who came to Children’s church. I had planned and prepared with older children in mine. Plus, I thought the upstairs A/C was working but it was too warm (environment). Along with other circumstances (unmet needs in the children)!

All of this created problems. At the end of church, I felt defeated and that I didn’t manage the class well. Looking back, I could see changes I need to make next time and also individuals I needed to apologize to (which I did).  What I’ve learned over the years, teaching and parenting is like a classroom. We can always learn, change, and improve. We will have “incidents” but we can always grow from them. If we point to the child, life circumstance or environment as the problem, we will become bitter and want to give up. 

We can thank God for allowing the “testing” in our lives to reveal our weaknesses and help us grow and mature. We can commit each day to Him and ask for His help and guidance along the way. He is the Good Shepherd and Divine Teaching Coach! 

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to guide me and teach me. Cleanse my heart from sinful and selfish ways. Fill me with your patience and love for the children in my life. May your joy be my strength. 

 In Jesus name I pray and believe, Amen. 

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Relationships- Stress – Resiliency

Phil discusses helps for the families in three aspects of life in his course: Relationships, Stress, and Resiliency. You can download the class notes here. You can access additional information here.

Class #1

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Wee Can Know Goes to Italy

Last May, Phil and I were blessed to be able to visit Italy with Debbie’s brother and cousin. We prepared our Gospel Bracelet packets with Italian resources. Village Ministries International (VMI) donated John 3:16 coins translated into Italian. VMI wrote about our ministry opportunities in their May 2023 newsletter.

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Teaching Preschoolers Lesson Series: Biblical Basis

This is the first in our Teaching Preschoolers Lesson Series, Download the notes below and view this 12 minute video.

Lesson 1: Biblical Basis
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UNO Students Studies Non-Profits

“Hello, I am a Jalaria Taylor, a UNO (University of New Orleans) student, and I am interested in studying your non-profit.”

“Ummm, we are a Christian organization???” I cautiously replied.

“That’s, why I chose you!” Jalaria replied.

That’s how our relationship began! I was curious how Jalaria found us, since she was a student from Shreveport, LA. Jalaria explained that she found Wee Can Know on the GiveNOLA’s website!

Jalaria is taking an English class that focuses on helping students with journalism skills We are thrilled they want students to connect, learn and journal about a non-profit.

Through Jalaria’s extensive interview questions, she is learning how WCK tells His story, teaches little ones, and trains leaders.

You can read Jalaria’s article here:

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Teaching Preschool Children Workshop

I am actually starting with the final video from a recent workshop we offered. This is the actual lesson demonstration. I am adapting CEF Press Easter Lesson: Because God Loves You for a preschool lesson. You can purchase the lesson (digital or hard copy here).

Here’s my script for the lesson:

Here is the demonstration. Note: I will demonstrate as though I am speaking to little kids!

Debbie Demonstrates an adaption for K-4 & 5 year olds, CEF Press Easter Lesson: Because God Loves You
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Quarterly Devotional Highlights the Smiths

Open Windows, a quarterly devotional by Lifeway, includes a prayer guide for NAMB missionaries, each March 1, they include Debbie’s name in the prayer guide (on her birthday). This year they also included an article that highlights our work with NAMB.

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Beloved, let us love one another

This is a great scripture song we love to teach children, especially in February

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Five Best Practices for Teaching Preschool Children Seminar

RSVP Today to receive worksheets, resources, and Zoom link

RSVP for Zoom Info, Worksheets, and Resources
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