Viola Takes a Step of Faith

Lois Holmes, Viola Blouin and GloriaDean Harlan demonstrate a fingerplay

Lois Holmes, Viola Blouin and GloriaDean Harlan demonstrate a fingerplay

Viola Blouin took the Teaching Children Effectively® Level 1® course in 2006 (our first TCE Level 1 course in New Orleans) and she also completed the Teaching Little Kids course. She volunteers at a local after-school Good News Club® through her church but God continued to speak to her about the children in her neighborhood. This Christmas, she finally stepped out in faith and reached out to her neighborhood using the Christmas Across America Kit. Here is her testimony:

    I am so grateful for your help and patience (as we waited on the Lord for a day that was not raining or cold) to have our Christmas party in my home. We finally had it today at 2:00 pm, with the help of my daughter Tanya, Daughter-in-Law Rasheda, and grandchildren, Nya and Wynton. God was right in the mist of it all. We had 15 children attend. It was an absolute blessing and success. 

    The games and songs were done outside, and we moved the lesson and party inside where they had a spiritual awakening and lots of fun. 

When it was all over, 11 of the 15 children made a salvation decision today, and 1 assurance. We give God all the praise He so rightfully deserves…

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present this Christmas lesson to my neighborhood children. Pray for me to continue working as God would have me to.


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