One Important Reason to Teach Scripture to Children


Photo (c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

Photo (c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

When a youth we teach showed us a book the school assigned him to read, I could not believe my eyes. The book described an adulterous relationship where a mother abandons her children and eventually commits suicide (The Awakening by Kate Chopin). Why would the school system assign such an unedifying book? While instructors may argue that the book serves a significant place in history; not all books benefit young impressionable minds.

I’m persuaded that youth need our leaders to provide them with an abundance of resources encouraging moral character to compact all the evil in the world; yet, I marvel that professionals assign this book for a youth ? For me, this illustrates all the more reason for you and I to work diligently at teaching children the Word of God! Vickie Thomas works diligently in Greater New Orleans teaching children the Word of God. She teaches at her church, Mount Kingdom Missionary Baptist in Sunday School, Children’s Church, Toddler’s Church, and Vacation Bible School. She volunteers during the school year at a neighborhood Good News Club. See videos where she teaches two Bible Verses at a Good News Club. Will you commit to teaching the Word of God to kids too? They need you.

Children Learn Psalm 28:7

Children Learn Psalm 119:2


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