A Paring Knife and the Shema

Once, Ethan (our son), left us with a gift of FOUR cases of Forever Sharp paring knives. We used them as gifts for a very long time! Now, we only have two left. Do you need one? lol

The knives remind me of a passage in the Bible called the shema found in Deuteronomy 6:4-7. Shema is a Hebrew word meaning listen up. When you say, “Listen up,” to someone you are implying that what you are saying is important. God is saying, “Listen up,” to us. God wants us to know that hearing His Word is of great importance not for Him but for us. Also, He instructs us to diligently teach His Word to our children. As a mom, grandma, and great-grandma, I to want to testify to my kids of what a treasure God’s Word is for us all. I know we can all learn and grow together.

The knife reminds me of this passage because of the word, diligent in the passage (some translations use the word impress). Diligent is translated from a Hebrew Word that implies to sharpen, whet, or hone. The Forever Sharp knife never needs sharpening but we are not like the knife! We get dull (spiritually) doing life… working… watching videos…playing video games. We need to take time to sharpen our spiritual life through God’s Word and prayer.

How can we do that? Spend time each day reading God’s Word, memorizing Gods Word, and encouraging each other. We can share a verse of scripture, something we’ve learned at church, or even saw on a Christian YouTube video. All these efforts will help hone us or sharpen us and others (especially our love ones) in the world we live in.

Tip for children: With children, we teach verse 5 using motions for Lord (point up), heart (form heart a heart shape with your hands), strength (hold both arms up like flexing your muscles), Deuteronomy (hold palms together facing upward like an open book), 5:6, (hold up fingers for six and five). What a great verse for kids to memorize!

Challenge: If you haven’t already, download the YouVersion application. The app has great resources to help you explore and discover God’s Word. We LOVE the One Year Bible Reading plan and use it daily.

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