Sadie’s Grandson

In a recent TCE® Level 1 class we discussed children bullied because of their faith. One teacher, Sadie Clark, said years ago she led her 2 ½ year-old grandson to Christ and he never experienced bullying– since he always stood taller than the other children in his class! Once, in his early teens, his mother heard him order a few friends to leave his house immediately. His Mom scolded him for his rude behavior. He replied, “Mom, you do not know what they wanted me to do.” Years later he explained that they tried to get him to take drugs. Sadie said that her grandson (now an adult) continues to show a commitment to Christ when temptation comes his way.

Sadie expressed, “I’m so glad we got Christ in him while just a child. Today he is a large man at 6’7” and over 300 lbs. At his size, had he fallen into drugs or crime, the family would definitely experience hardship trying to control him.”

Sadie assisting at Good News Club

Sadie assisting at Good News Club

We thank God that today the Holy Spirit controls her grandson’s life too! Sadie’s testimony reminds us of the importance of reaching children while they are young. Sadie, now 82, still shares Christ with little ones. Today, she volunteers in Good News Club and faithfully attends our TCE® Level 1 training!

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