Impart. Truth. Today.

This September for the Georgia Barnette campaign, Louisiana Baptist emphasized the theme: Impart. Truth. Today. Their material stressed the urgency of reaching the young generation today with God’s truth. They explained that the protestant church is losing youth. A 2017 Lifeway research survey indicated that 2/3’s of today’s youth are leaving the church and many are becoming a part of the ‘nones’ adults with no church affiliation (see

If that is true, and in most areas of our country I am sure it is true, the need is tremendous to Impart. Truth. Today. Of course at Wee Can Know, this is our daily passion… imparting truth to the next generation.

Phil Smith, imparting truth at an after-school Good News Club, Arabi, LA

Although it is vital to Impart Truth Today, the Lifeway study indicated that the situation may not be as dark as it appears. According to their study, many youth drop out for a period of time and do return. 34% said they continued to attend church during college years. Also, 71% of those who dropped out stated they did not plan on dropping out in High School (leaving was not intentional).

This study gives hope that Imparting Truth Today will bear fruit in the lives we touch!   

Will you commit to ‘imparting truth today’ to the next generation? We offer three ways to help you get involved: 1) Your financial gifts help us carry out our mission, go to donate tab. 2) Your prayers enable us to accomplish only what God can do! Go to prayer tab. 3) Your personal involvement helps Wee Can Know grow and reach children beyond our borders! Sign-up for our newsletter below to learn about opportunities to serve. We cannot lose when God is in it!

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