How to Make Snack Bag Butterflies!!!!


Need a simple Butterfly Snack Bags idea that will emphasis the resurrection message? CEF Press suggested Butterfly snack bags in their new Easter Party Outreach Kit. They are super simple. Just get some Ziploc sandwich bags and fill them with a kid friend snack. I used Fruity Pepples and the kids loved them (one large bag made approximately 25 snacks). Get some colorful Chenille Sticks (pipe cleaners) that you can find at any store that has craft supplies.  Fill the bag with the snack of your choice (about 2/3 full) and divide in half. Take your Chenille stick and twist it around the bag, curl the ends to make antennas, and now you have a simple butterfly snack.

I really like to keep things simple so I can focus the majority of my time on study and preparing the Bible lesson; however, if you have more time, you can get creative with your treat (just remember, the kids will tear into your creation and devour the snack inside). Here’s a Pinterest Board with additional Butterfly snack ideas, click here.



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