WCK Weekend Viewing Guide

Do you and your family have the stuck at home blues? We discovered a few great videos to help us grow in the Lord, rise above our circumstances, find encouragement and laugh.

Dr David Jeremiah reflects on end-time prophecy and corona virus

Do you need a good clean laugh? We love these two Christian Comedians …

Christian Comedian Mark Lowery gave us lots of laughs
Chonda Pierce is a great female Christian comedian
Rent this outstanding Christian Love Story at Redbox Now.

Note: I Still Believe was filmed in Debbie’s hometown, Mobile, AL. Also, one of the creators, Jon Erwin, was in Phil’s Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) team at CYIA training in Birmingham, AL several years ago!

Great modern adaption, purchase video, or host a viewing FREE at your church

Pilgrims Progress, an all-time Christian classic, is an allegory of the Christian life from unbelief, to salvation, to struggles, to entrance into heaven. Children and youth (adults too) need guidance to understand the different characters and concepts. We will insert a guide here soon. (If not inserted, send us an email and we will email you one.)

Here is a map as a visual aid for Pilgrim’s Progress
The Lamb: Overview of Bible for Children

The Lamb is a lovely overview of the Bible is story form for children. We recommend that families view together and limit to 5 minute viewings each day. Ask a couple of questions after each viewing.

Claire Crosby Sings
Dad & Daughter go viral during quarantine

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