You Know You’re Getting Older When…

The other day I was helping at a conference and one of the children assisted me. We walked into a room and she exclaimed, “Wow, a chalkboard! I’ve never seen one before, just on TV!” Boy did I feel old!

If that wasn’t enough, my teenage assistant, Wynton, chatted with me while we waited for the next class of children. We discussed the flooring of our homes. I complained about out beige carpet and how impractical for our family. He questioned, “Carpet, what is that like? I’ve never had it!” Needless to say, I was left speechless and feeling ancient!

How about you, has a child made you feel old lately? Tell us your story.

Or maybe you are feeling young what is it that you’ve heard about but never seen?


Phil sings with his father

Phil sings with his father

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How to Make a Wordless Bag

I love to use the Wordless Bag for open-air evangelism (witnessing opportunities on the streets, in neighborhoods, block parties, Mardi Gras, or Fair). It’s a fun little tool that keeps the children’s attention. It’s one bag but as you tell the story of the Wordless Book Colors, you keep turning the bag inside out and it turns inside out 4x, ending with the green color! It’s a lot of fun to use with kids and adults!

Phil likes to call it the “Wonder Bag” because you will “Wonder” how it works!

The Wordless Bag is 5 bags in 1 with the 5 Wordless Book Colors

The Wordless Bag is 5 bags in 1 with the 5 Wordless Book Colors

A friend of mine, Melody Smith, has made them for mission teams and she shared her pattern with me! Please include tips and comments on your experience with making the Wordless Bag.

Instructions for making a Wordless Bag

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Good News Club Teacher Testimony

Phil and I recently taught Child Evangelism Fellowship’s® (CEF) 30 hour seminar, Teaching Children Effectively® course in the Greater New Orleans area. We love to teach this class because we can mentor new or growing teachers from our over 30 years experience in children’s ministry. A recent graduate text me a testimony from the Good News Club® (GNC®) she taught after completing the course:

Kids love Good News Club!

Kids love Good News Club!

“Mrs. Debbie, you and Mr. Phil are such a blessing to me and my kids’ lives.  Thursday, I taught the entire GNC –from how to pray, to the memory verse, to The Paralyzed Man Bible story. It was such an amazing experience for me! There were twelve kids and I was able to give out the CEF’s Truth Chasers brochures with a promised reward for returning them. We used the song with the motions, When I’m Feel Sad, which Mr. Phil taught. They really enjoyed it! Two kids (brother and sister) were feeling sick and one of the older kids, I think she was 14 years-old, prayed for them as we all held hands around them. She said, “God please help these “chiren” feel better so that they can join us in the club,” then she questioned, “I don’t know what to say?” My mom encouraged, “Just keep talking to God like you talk to a friend.” She ended her prayer, “In Jesus name.” Before the class ended I was happy to see the brother she prayed for coloring his activity sheet!

One ‘lil boy clapped and praised God after I exclaimed, “Jesus healed the paralyzed man!” and before I gave the invitation. We gave him a Wonder Devotional book because he seemed like a child that didn’t know God. We played a review game with the kids, there were five big kids and the rest small. For the game, I had a 24-pack egg carton with a wadded-up piece of paper inside. I marked inside point values of 100, 200, and 300 rows. They would shake the egg carton and where ever the wadded-up paper landed, they would earn the points marked. The children were so excited to answer the seven questions I combined about the memory verse, Word-Up, praying, and Bible story. It felt so great to see the kids excitedly trying to answer the questions. It was a tie at first then, with the last two questions, the big kids won! My son participated in the games and memory verse song happily. That made me smile.

Mom and I asked Zinga, the center director, how they get the kids to come to the center and if they possibly could pass out some more flyers to get more kids. The idea came because we see so many kids outside doing nothing. I truly enjoyed myself though! I love the GNC, I truly do, I thank God for this opportunity.”

Teachers enjoy practicing a Christmas game for kids at recent Teaching Children Effectively Course

Teachers enjoy practicing a Christmas game for kids at recent Teaching Children Effectively Course


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Free Preschool Christmas Song

Here is a simple song to teach the Christmas Story to Preschool Children using word set to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb. Enjoy!

Download the PDF file with all 6 verses: Preschool Christmas Song

Print song on card-stock and place in paper protectors. If your printer doesn’t like card-stock, just print out on regular paper and mount on card-stock.

Christmas Song


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Free Candy Cane Poem for You

Using the candy cane to share the Christmas Story has become a tradition for me. I use a gigantic candy cane (it amazes the children) to teach the story and then I give children two packets (one for them and one to share). The packets include a card with the candy cane poem and a large Brach-brand peppermint candy cane.

I wanted a card with kid-friendly print that I could print 4 to a page. Also, I tweaked the poem a bit so that un-churched children would understand the meaning. You will still need to explain Savior, Christ, and staff. Make sure to tell the children how to receive Jesus as their Good Shepherd and Savior! If you don’t know how to explain the Gospel to a child, contact me, I will make sure I post a blog or record a video to help you!

Download a PDF file with 4 to a page here:  Candy Cane Gift Cards

Candy Cane Poem [subscribe2]

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Who is Granny Holdeman?


This summer we taught children in 5-Day Clubs the mission story from CEF Press about Ti-Fam. A story about a little girl who lived in Haiti, her father was a Voo-Doo witch doctor. I think Ti-Fam was a fictitious character but the missionaries who helped her actually lived.

Granny Holdeman retired as a nurse in Florida and joined her missionary daughter and son-in-law, the Turnbulls, to serve in Haiti as a missionary nurse. Her motto was, “Don’t retire, refire, because Jesus said, ‘occupy until I come.'” Evidently she liked to make peanut brittle because I found a postcard with her photo and recipe. I am sure she used the delicious vanilla that Haiti offers. Granny Holdeman served the mountain people of Haiti until her death in 1979.

Click here to view a picture of Granny Holdeman and a copy of her peanut butter recipe handwritten by her!


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How God Answered Prayer in the 9th Ward- on a Rainy Day!

Have you ever gone on a prayer walk in the rain? That’s what I did when the Mission Team from Ingleside, Macon, GA (serving at Gentilly Baptist Church Summer Camp, New Orleans) invited me to join them for a prayer walk on Friday in the 9th ward. However, the prayer walk turned into prayer drive due to rain!I wondered if I should even take time to go… but I’m glad I did!

We planned to meet at the Baptist clinic in the 9th Ward but when I arrived I didn’t see the church bus and wasn’t sure what I should do. Then I realized I could start by praying for the clinic! Eventually, I spotted the bus on a nearby street, so I made my way over and I drove behind them. As I prayed, I saw four girls walking toward my car; I got my Gospel bracelets and tracts out and briefly shared with the girls. As the rain picked up, they hurried along and I continued to follow behind the bus while praying. When I turned a corner the rain poured! I looked to my left guess what I saw? Underneath the eave of a house, the four girls huddled to get out of the rain. I honked and waved and continued to drive when I felt conviction to turn back and offer to let them sit in my car out of the rain.

I distribute these packets everywhere - a wonderful simple tool to share Christ with children. You can purchase tracts from and learn how to make the bracelets by going to my "beads" page.

I distribute these packets everywhere – a wonderful simple tool to share Christ with children. You can purchase tracts from and learn how to make the bracelets by going to my “beads” page.

Now what should I do with these four girls in my car? I had a ‘conversation ball’ a girl from Ingleside Baptist Church gave me (see picture). We tossed the ball around and enjoyed sharing about ourselves. Then they got interested in the Gospel bracelet I gave them earlier. They even used their Smart-Phone to view the Wordless Book Gospel video on-line. Finally, they signed up for the Truth Chaser club with the card on the tracts I gave them. We had an awesome Bible class right in the car and learned how kids interact with my Gospel packets I distribute everywhere!

Ingleside Baptist Church, Macon, GA, donated this  ball for our ministry!

Ingleside Baptist Church, Macon, GA, donated this ball for our ministry!

So,  I didn’t know why the Lord wanted me to go on a prayer walk in the rain but God knew! I don’t think the mission team ever knew I was behind them… but God answered their prayers!

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