We won….

(c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

(c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

Thank you so much for your love and support in the recent voting challenge. Unfortunately, we did not win the $1,000 but I do not consider us losers at all! We won your love, prayers, and support. You cared enough for the little ones to take time to vote. Thank you so much.

Perhaps for now, I will only ask that you lift us in prayer. Our God is so mighty; He knows our needs and promises to supply them!

A Disappointment… 

To my surprise, the organizations that made the top ten all related to animal rights and rescue. Not one organization supported child welfare or Christian non-profits. I know we love our pets and animals and they do need our help; however, what about the children? What about the kingdom of God? We see a shift in the world’s priorities. This demonstrates the greater importance of our cause for the little ones to know Jesus.

A Winning Alternative…

If you did care enough for Wee Can Know to vote, there is one way that you can support us every time you search or shop on-line; just register on GoodSearch.com; every time you search, they donate a penny to Wee Can Know! I’ve already raised $60 by bookmarking GoodSearch.com and using it instead of Google or other search engines (you need to make sure you logged-in and selected Wee Can Know as a charity). Click here to learn more about GoodSearch.com

A Win-Win Solution!

Most importantly, we value your prayers for Wee Can Know. Pray now that God will provide for Wee Can Know so we can reach the little ones for Jesus. Ask God if He wants you to join our financial support team and how …monthly, quarterly, annually, or one-time. Pray that God will use Wee Can Know to reach the lives of millions of boys and girls for His kingdom.


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Vote for Wee Can Know Today!

Vote for Wee Can Know Today!

Vote for Wee Can Know Today!

We love to teach little kids but we have a problem, they don’t have money! We need your support to enable us to teach the little ones about Jesus and train the teachers. Yes, our teachers also face financial struggles, they willingly give their time but have little funds to support Wee Can Know.

But all adults can vote! Your vote can help us win $1,000! This would enable us purchase a needed Mac laptop so we can record training videos and radio programs for children.

Please take a moment and vote today! Thank you so much!

Click here and scroll down to bottom of webpage.

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One Important Reason to Teach Scripture to Children


Photo (c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

Photo (c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

When a youth we teach showed us a book the school assigned him to read, I could not believe my eyes. The book described an adulterous relationship where a mother abandons her children and eventually commits suicide (The Awakening by Kate Chopin). Why would the school system assign such an unedifying book? While instructors may argue that the book serves a significant place in history; not all books benefit young impressionable minds.

I’m persuaded that youth need our leaders to provide them with an abundance of resources encouraging moral character to compact all the evil in the world; yet, I marvel that professionals assign this book for a youth ? For me, this illustrates all the more reason for you and I to work diligently at teaching children the Word of God! Vickie Thomas works diligently in Greater New Orleans teaching children the Word of God. She teaches at her church, Mount Kingdom Missionary Baptist in Sunday School, Children’s Church, Toddler’s Church, and Vacation Bible School. She volunteers during the school year at a neighborhood Good News Club. See videos where she teaches two Bible Verses at a Good News Club. Will you commit to teaching the Word of God to kids too? They need you.

Children Learn Psalm 28:7

Children Learn Psalm 119:2


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3 Great Resources to Teach Kids about Heaven


(C)Child Evangelism Fellowship all rights reserved

Kids ask lots of questions about Heaven and love to learn about God’s home.

CEF Press offers three great resources we LOVE to use to teach kids about Heaven.

A newly updated evangelistic party kit is : Heaven How to Get There. We recently used this for an alternative Halloween Party Outreach. We decorated the room like heaven and dressed up like angels. We played heavenly games and kids learned how they can become a child of God! For more details click here. 

CEF Press provides a tract that compliments this lesson. Use with the lesson or for evangelistic outreach. For more details click here.

A favorite lesson of mine is lesson 1 in the Wordless Book evangelistic outreach series. Kids learn about things that exist in heaven and things that don’t exist in Heaven. They will learn God’s plan for them to belong to God’s forever home. For more details click here.

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3 Reasons to Like “Heaven is for Real”


Heaven is for Real

And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions. Joel 2:28

A Child’s Faith

A few years ago Phil had a soldier in his battalion experience a tragic loss of his infant. As Phil prayed about ministering to this hurting soldier and family, he remembered a book he noticed beforehand, Heaven is for Real. Phil is a stickler about Biblical accuracy so he first read the book himself before sharing the book with the family. The book left a strong impression on Phil regarding the simple faith of a child and how God revealed himself to a young four- year old boy. Since that time, Phil highly recommends the book to those experiencing loss.

A Message of Hope

Tragedy can make individuals angry at God for taking their love one. Phil has found that reading this book helps give the family hope in God and helps the family turn to God instead of away from God. He says many of his soldiers now attend church faithfully when before the loss they did not attend church.

No, the story does not replace the Bible and its irreplaceable authority on the things of God; however, the book can inspire individuals to turn to God and seek or grow in a relationship with Him. It can provide comfort and hope for those who experience loss of a love one.

A Refreshing Quality

We recommend the movie for the refreshing quality of a movie that is pro-family, pro-church, and pro-God. Also it is anti-profanity, anti-violence, and anti-crudeness. Go be refreshed and take a friend!

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Include Kids in National Day of Prayer

photo (c) Child Evangelism Fellowship all rights reserved

photo (c) Child Evangelism Fellowship all rights reserved

What  better time to teach children the importance of praying for the United States of America than on the National Day of Prayer! Last night I briefly shared with the children the importance of praying for our country and I led in a prayer that the children repeated after me. We closed by singing God bless America. One child requested the National Anthem and I asked Phil to lead us. The kids loved it!

BTW: You can adapt this prayer guide for any nation and make it a world day of prayer! Also, this is good to use any time of the year.

Here is a guide you can download and use with your family at your meals today. This is compliments of Ehp5v2.wordpress.com Prayer Guide for National Day of Prayer


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How to use the Jesus Film with Kids

Jesus Film for Kids

Jesus Film for Kids

I knew I needed to get creative for Wednesday Night Church, all three age groups would join my class! I’m talking about distracted inner-city kids! Plus, I wanted to share the Easter Story with them, I knew most would not show up on Sunday morning.

I decided to use the Jesus Film for Children. I would show only the last 30 minutes (due to time factors and short attention spans) and I would pause the film to explain and answer questions. (From past experience, I knew my kids just wouldn’t remember details if I didn’t discuss the film in process.)

To my surprise, one of my most distracted boys, Felipe´, began the evening by asking, “What’s the meaning of Easter?” He asked more than once and questioned, “Can you tell me the meaning and will you write it down?” I said, “I’m glad you asked, my lesson tonight will answer your question!”

As the children viewed the film, they could not believe how Jesus suffered. Little Acara expressed continually, “They did that to Jesus?” Felipe´wanted to know why Jesus didn’t fight back. The film gave us a wonderful platform with the children to explain how Christ willingly died for the punishment for our sin. At the end, when he appeared risen from the dead, they applauded!

I only had 30 minutes so as soon as the film ended, the children needed to leave, on the way out Felipe´asked, “Did you write down the meaning of Easter?” I wrote down in large letters, “The Meaning of Easter is Jesus is Alive!” My prayer is that Jesus will live in each one of our little ones hearts and homes.

You can download the Jesus Film or view it on-line on their website. Click here.



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