Mardi Gras 2018 Slideshow

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Mardi Gras 2018

We experienced one of our best Mardi Gras Outreach. We thanked the Lord that the rain forecast the night before left our area and families came out in droves!

This year we added two new floats and one wagon to our parade. We also created another parade with one wagon and four floats.

We shared the Gospel with distributed approximately 400 Gospel packets with a Gospel presentation.

Here is what one parent said when we shared with him and his children on the parade route:

We thank the Lord for all who made Mardi Gras 2018 a success:

  • Alfie and Turpin Owens for bracelets
  • NOBTS CHESS home school group and Delacroix Hope Women for assistance with creating Gospel shoebox floats
  • Delacroix Hope Baptist members for assembling Gospel packets
  • Patti McDonald for her lovely book, The Gospel Parade
  • Our Mardi Gras Day volunteers: Chris and Don Jolissaint, Kim and Gerald Black, Eva Watts, Tiffany and Mychelle
  • Our financial donors and prayer warriors

Here’s our team ready to roll:

Here we are after a morning of busy ministry and distributing 400 packets with a Gospel presentation:

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Even the Gospel Fuzzies Got Cold!

Well, this is one of the coldest winters we’ve had here in New Orleans since I’ve lived here. The schools even shut down for 2 days and we had a busted water pipe! Even the Gospel Fuzzies needed to bundle up with ear muffs and scarves!

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The Salvation Poem Resource

Child Evangelism Fellowship introduced me to this beautiful and effective poem/song; I did not know the amazing history behind the song.

The author created the poem/song with a passion for souls to come to Christ. The poem/song is now translated into a variety of languages.

To learn more, listen, and download the poem/song  go here.

To order a booklet for children’s ministry go here.

To purchase a visual to use in children’s ministry go here.

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Chaplain Major Phil Smith

Phil and I give thanks for the honor of Phil’s promotion to Major in the Louisiana National Guard where he serves part-time as a chaplain.

Click on the photo to see a photo album of his special day.

(BTW: The tradition in the Army, one will tack the pin with a hard force so the “Office will stick.” The tacking once could hurt depending on how hard the force. Nowadays, the pins are Velcro (so less pain) but the tradition continues. In the photos, you will see Debbie tacking the pin on with force; and then Phil letting the children tack the pin on again!


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7 Skills for Classroom Management

(c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

(c) Child Evangelism Fellowship

This is an excellent post from Child Evangelism Fellowship; knowing these skills save me and the kids in the classroom all the time! After a little practice in the classroom, you can learn to manage a much smoother class time too!

Click here to learn the 7 skills.

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Parents 31-Day Prayer Guide

prayer sunsetParenting isn’t easy. God doesn’t expect us to go it alone. He wants to help us. Here is a Family Prayer Guide that will give you a specific prayer request to pray for your child/children for 31 days. The prayer request came from the excellent website, ; we just formatted the 31-Day prayer request into a downloadable guide for your convenience.

Download a free Parent Prayer Guide here: Parents 31-Day Prayer Guide

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