Let’s Make a Difference on Oct 22!

Make a Difference Day

October 22 is National Make a Difference Day. What an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child by sharing the good news of Christ. That’s exactly what we plan to do! We will offer a “What’s Better than a Circus” party outreach to the children in our neighborhood!

Here’s 3 EASY ways WCK can help you make a difference in a child’s life.

1. Pray for us on Oct 22. For a prayer guide click here. (The prayer guide is on page 2 of our newsletter).

2. Share the Gospel with a child. To request free tracts and bracelets, email Debbie @ Phil.Debbie@WeeCanKnow.org or text Debbie at 504-400-4095. Important! To get packets by Oct 22, message Debbie today!

3. Make a one-time year-end gift to WCK today! Click here. Your one-time gift enables us to provide free preschool Good News Clubs in Child Development Centers. 100% of your gift goes to WCK and you receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Together, we can make a difference that will last for eternity!

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Join CEF Christmas Across America 2016

Do you want a simple and inexpensive way to reach your community for Christ this Christmas? Child Evangelism Fellowship wants to help you.

They will provide a FREE kit with a full lesson/party plan and several great evangelistic resources (enough for 25 children). To receive a kit, you must  commit to one Christmas Party Outreach for unreached children in your community, enlist 4 volunteers, and complete CEF’s screening policies.

To learn about the Christmas Across American Program click here.

Read below about our upcoming workshop; plus some free giveaways for the kids that come with the kit and how you can order more.


If you live in the Greater New Orleans area, join us: 

  • Thursday, November 3, 6-9 pm
  • @Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church, Multi-Purpose Bldg, across from 3201 New Orleans Ave
  • FREE fun interactive demonstration with teaching tips and ideas. 
  • Download a promotional flier here: CAA Workshop

The Pocket Testament League teamed up with CEF to provide Gospel of John booklets for the children. Click here. They offer 30 free while supplies last and additional copies are .65 cents each.


The Jesus Film Project donated 25 FREE Jesus Film for Children DVDs for distribution. You can also purchase 100 additional DVDs for $100 (that’s just $1.00 each for an awesome DVD). To order additional DVDs click here.



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Are after-school Good News Clubs Legal?

Kids Pledge at GNC

Did you know that in 2001 the Supreme Court ruled that after-school Bible clubs are legal! If fact, to deny after-school Bible classes in schools where other after-school programs are held is illegal! I am thankful for this wise decision by our Supreme Court and our Constitution that provided this right in 1788! I am also thankful for the efforts of Child Evangelism Fellowship to fight for our right in 2001. God bless America.

Now isn’t that some good news???

To read more click here: supremecourtruling

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Chaplains Provide Care for the Caregivers in Louisiana Flood Crisis

Chaplain Smith

Louisiana National Guard Chaplain Phil Smith talks with chaplain’s assistant Richard Watkins at flood-damaged Faith Baptist Church in Baker, La. (Photo by Marilyn Stewart, Louisiana Baptist)

Unfortunately, when a crisis happens, the children suffer along with the adults. If the adults can get the emotional care they need, the children will benefit too.

Click here to learn how Phil and other chaplains provide care for the caregivers and ways you can help too.

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How to Teach Faith to Kids

CEF Press Summer kit, One Way, offers an awesome new scripture memory song for Hebrews 11: 6. Did you know there is only one way to please God?

And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

But how do you teach faith to kids? Actually, the concept is easy for kids to understand because they are truly creatures of faith!

Here is one object lesson I use to teach the concept.

When I used the lesson, I used a piece of construction paper. I was able to fit 8 children and 2 adults into the large opening I made! The kids absolutely loved it! At the end of the class, I let the children make their own and practice sharing their faith with others!

This is what I said to apply the lesson to the verse:

You had faith in me when you believed that I can could do what I said I would do; faith in God is believing God’s promises, that He will do what He says, even though it may seem impossible. I had a trick to the way I cut a hole in the card, but with God it is no trick. He IS God and He can and will do what He says.

Have fun!

Here is a link for the CEF Press memory verse song for Hebrew 11:6:


Also, you can purchase the CEF Press Kit here. 

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Three Ways We Can Help You Teach Kids!

©Child Evangelism Fellowship; Wow! Look at the opportunities for adults to learn how to teach kids about Jesus!

©Child Evangelism Fellowship; Wow! Look at the opportunities for adults to learn how to teach kids about Jesus!

Wee Can Know wants to help you teach at your very best; after-all, don’t God’s lambs deserve the best when we think of teaching them God’s Word?

This Fall we offer three exciting training opportunities:

  1. Our annual Children’s Ministry Teacher Training Seminar (CMT2) in partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), August 20
  2. Our annual certified Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 course developed by CEF, beginning September 8
  3. One of our favorites, Little Kids Can Know God Seminar, by CEF, September 12 & 19

To learn more or download fliers for each event, check out our events page here.

Download a flier promoting all three events here:  Fall Training Events

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Kids Guide for Prayer 714

Kids Prayer Guide (C) Child Evangelism Fellowship

Kids Prayer Guide
(C) Child Evangelism Fellowship

Kids make great prayer warriors and if we teach them early to pray scripture, just think of the potential of raising great prayer warriors for God’s kingdom.

Include Kids in Prayer 714 and teach them the meaning of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and how to pray 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Here is a prayer guide you can download for your children and the children you teach at church and in Good News Clubs, click here to download.

Here is a fun tune to help kids learn the scripture. My NOLA kids will LOVE it, special thanks to Dimitri Carver. Click here for YouTube video.

Here is a color sheet for 2 Chronicles 7:14 for Pray714 Week: pray714 colorsheet

Here is a Bible Verse Visual to teach the verse: 2 Chronicles 7_14 poster


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